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Ansty Village: Emergency!











This page gives Ansty villagers the opportunity to contact the appropriate local authorities should a wide scale emergency arise – however unlikely that may be. It is often better to have these kind of contacts ‘to hand’ before any emergency rather than searching for them during or after an emergency when confusion and other difficulties may arise. The better prepared we are the more resilient we will be, either as individuals or as a community.


Be prepared for any emergency in Ansty by searching the appropriate link below:

What to do if we have a power cut in Ansty …

What to do if we have a flood in Ansty ….

What to do if there is a problem with the water supply….

What to do in the aftermath of severe storms….

What to do in the event of a pandemic….

Ansty Emergency Contacts

All local parishes have been required (by Wiltshire Council) to submit similar plans in an attempt to improve resilience within their communities should any widespread emergency arise. Click on the link to view our parish ‘Community Emergency and Local Flood Action Plan’  Emergency Plan Documents