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St James’ Church News & Events

St. James’ Church, Ansty

St James’ Church Notices:  August 2020

1. Good News for Churchgoers:

St James’ Church will re-open on Sundays for private prayer from 10.30 am to 5 pm.

Hand sanitisers will be available. The current social distancing rules still apply! All attendees must ‘sign in’ for tracing purposes.

Limited Church Services have now resumed. Sadly, hymn singing is still not allowed and the wearing of face masks is requested for everyone’s safety.

Check out these documents.

2. At their June 2020 meeting, via Zoom, the St James Parochial Church Council agreed on their annual donations to various charities. They concluded that the economic circumstances for many are likely to worsen in the coming months as government support is gradually withdrawn and more redundancies occur. With this in mind, two of those charities are The Trussell Trust and Alabare Christian Care, both of which do wonderfully work locally helping the homeless and providing support through food banks etc

A brief synopsis of St James’ Church, Ansty

In 1211, during the reign of King John, Walter de Turberville gave the manor of Ansty to the Knights Hospitaller of the Order of St John of Jerusalem.

The Knights settled in Ansty, formed a small Commandery and, with a group of local helpers, began to build the present church.

The church was completed in 1230 and dedicated to St James.

A booklet is available in the church for those who would like to have a more detailed history of the church and Ansty.

St James, Ansty is now part of the South Area of the Nadder Valley Team Ministry.

Team Rector:      The Rev’d. Dr. Graham Southgate (01722 870312)

Churchwarden:    Mrs. Lesley Simm (01747 873068)

Verger:                 Mr. John Oldfield (01747 871119)

Church services are held regularly every Sunday at 11.15 am.  When there are five Sundays in the month, a service of Holy Communion is held in one of the South Area churches.

The monthly pattern of services is as follows: 

1st Sunday    Matins (Lay led said service)

2nd Sunday   Parish Communion (Common Worship with Hymns)

3rd Sunday  Parish Communion (Common Worship with Hymns)  

4th Sunday    All-Age Communion (with hymns)

Evening Prayer is said in the church every Monday at 5.30 pm.

Dates (2020) for your calendar: 

  • Church open for private prayer on Sundays 10 am – 5 pm only – as from June 21st 2020.
  • 02-08-2020 Trinity 8.  11-15 am Matins (Lay)
  • 09-08-2020 Trinity 9.  11.15 am Parish Communion (GS)
  • 16-08-2020 Trinity 10.11.15 am Parish Communion (GS)
  • 23-08-2020 Trinity 11. 11.15 am All-Age Communion (GS)
  • 30-08-2020 Trinity 12.  No Service  (The Ansty congregation are invited to attend Parish Communion at 9.30 am in Sutton Mandeville Church)

Anne Moorse and Sarah Gwinner.

Sarah’s funeral took place on Thursday July 16th. Click here for our tribute.  

Thus far there are no plans regarding the late Anne Moorse’s thanksgiving yet.

St James’ Church and grounds are open during the day for private prayer, or to just sit to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this ancient place: please observe social distancing.