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How Ansty village life was shaped by the Covid-19 Crisis – the story so far through the first year (2020). (posted 08-01-2021)

Recall how the coronavirus pandemic unfolded from the New Year onwards and affected billions of people world-wide. Ansty village was no exception as it went into ‘lockdown’ in mid March with more lockdowns and restrictions ever since. No-one ever imagined how life would change so comprehensively over such a short timescale.  Click on the image to see how we coped in Ansty and the local area.  This archive document will be updated as this year unfolds. 

New! URGENT ‘CALL TO ACTION’ – Salisbury District Hospital needs extra volunteers! (posted 21-01-2021)

Salisbury District Hospital are urgently looking for volunteer assistance to help with hospital ward duties and also at a new mass vaccination centre opening in Salisbury City centre from next week. If you are interested in either or both roles, click on the image for details and contact the Voluntary Services Team. 

New! Covid-19  UPDATE: LATEST ADVICE and other News.   (updated 22-01-2021)

Positive COVID-19 cases are still on the rise in Wiltshire and we all have a responsibility to keep ourselves and each other safe. The rate of cases per 100k has decreased slightly from 364.8 to 356.8 over the past week. Click on the image for the latest information.

We have also attempted to summarise the best information we have on our Covid-19 section on our ‘Community Links Page’. 

New! South West Wiltshire ‘Our Community Matters’  (updated 22-01-2021)

‘Our Community Matters’ is an interactive notice board for news, events and volunteering opportunities for communities across Wiltshire. It provides people with local interactive notice boards which everyone can use to highlight and discuss local news events and ideas against the backdrop the current lockdown restrictions.  Tap image to view the current ‘Our Community Matters’ main noticeboard. Tap here to view this week’s latest news, events and community information for SW Wiltshire. You might even spot our parish council chairman!

New! Read the latest free issues of The New Blackmore Vale Magazine! (updated 22-01-2021)

The fantastic online version the Blackmore Vale Magazine has all the ingredients that we have come to expect from the paper copy we used to pick up and still can once we are all ‘up and about’ again! Issue 9 has 96 pages packed with great stories, news and other interesting material.  Click on the left hand image for a great read! (Don’t forget to click on the ‘full screen’ square bottom right hand corner!). You can zoom into the pages even more if you so wish!

Click on right hand image to view a super shortened ‘all digital’ version – different to the one above- this format has all the hallmarks of where local and even national newspapers and magazines will eventually go. It allows for interactive activities and other links connected with articles. It also saves on paper, transport, recycling which shrinks the carbon footprint!  You can also download either version if you want to. The BlackmoreVale Website has all the details too!

New! Wiltshire Creative Connects… (updated 21-01-2021)

As we plough on through another entirely necessary covid-19 ‘lockdown’, Wiltshire Creative (based in Salisbury) have had to temporarily close once again. The team continue to work behind the scenes organising and ‘scheduling’ a whole host of items for the future.  Even now they are still able to offer cultural items to the City and the County so all is not lost and there are many things to look forward to!  Click here for the latest information on how you might catch up with local culture online! Click on the logo for other general details on their website. It is amazing!

New! Check out the latest planning application details for Ansty.  (posted 21-01-2021)

Tap image for the latest planning application details for Ansty Parish. You may wish to comment on applications via Wiltshire Planning or contact a member of Ansty Parish Council. The Council welcomes your views when considering any application.

New! Don’t miss the February issue of Wiltshire Life! (posted 21-01-2021)

The February 2021 edition of Wiltshire Life is now on sale by online subscription. As the vaccine programme rolls out across the country, it is wonderful to see Salisbury cathedral transformed in to a vaccine centre. The building has witnessed deadly pandemics in its 800 year history from the Black Death to the influenza outbreak in 1918. The February issue looks at best locations for snowdrops; delving into the past with archive film from Wiltshire; classy art from Great Somerford and railways in Swindon. Click on the image for details.

The latest Ansty Parish Council draft minutes published! (posted 19-01-2020)

Ansty Parish Council managed two ‘open meetings’ last year, despite the coronavirus pandemic. One was held in February and and another in December – both in St James’ Church.  They did try a video conference meeting in late May using ‘zoom’ but our well known patchy broadband defeated them! A few masked and socially distanced villagers attended the mid December meeting; the councillors were also entirely socially distanced and fully masked and the brisk meeting covered a number of issues. Click on the image to read the latest draft minutes. More information can be found here.

Wiltshire News (from Wiltshire Council) (posted 14-01-2020)

It seems a such a difficult time to try and keep local people informed about matters (other than Covid-19) that might affect us sometime in the near future. However, life must go on and Wiltshire Council are keen to consult with all parishes about future planning provision for the county’s housing and employment as outlined in their Local Plan Review. These consultations end on Tuesday 9th March 2021. As we are in Lockdown 3 you can still have your say and you can also sign up to ‘attend’ one of their online engagement sessions. No one can say that the Wiltshire Council didn’t try to engage or consult with the population over these changes.  Click on the image to find out more. Or you can skip to the item below which takes you to a summary page.

Wiltshire Council LOCAL PLAN: Sign up Online and have your say! (updated 14-01-2020)

Continuing Covid -19 restrictions along with Christmas and New Year holidays is probably not the best time to introduce a ‘consultation period’ but the Wiltshire Council Local Plan review consultation is an important opportunity for local people to ‘have their say’ on the future of possible areas of growth in their area before proposals are finalised in a draft Local Plan, later in 2021.

Wiltshire Council would usually hold a series of face-to-face engagement events for the Local Plan review, but are unable to do so because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, interested people are urged to ‘sign up’ for their local online event to find out more. The relevant online events for our parish and its locality will be held on 1st and 2nd February, 7-8pm. Anyone who can’t make their local online event will be able to view all the relevant documents online and complete the online consultation to have their say.

As well as potential developments, the Local Plan review consultation also takes into account the importance of climate change, and this will also form a key part of the consultation. Please click on the image for all of the details and who to contact. You can also find Wiltshire Council news on our ‘Community Links Page’. 

New! Surviving Winter Fund (posted 14-01-2021)

Some Wiltshire residents may be able to claim up to £250 (whilst funds last!) to help with their heating and fuel bills over the cold period. This time round we are paying either for top up vouchers for their prepayment meters or credit into their energy account if they pay by direct debit. We can also help with solid fuels also such as LPG gas bottles, wood or coal. Click on the logo for more details.

All Sunday Services at St James’ Church SUSPENDED until further notice. (posted 09-01-2021)

After careful deliberation the Ansty PCC has voted to suspend Sunday Services at St James’ Church until further notice. The church building will only be open for private prayer as before. This is for everyone’s safety whilst the coronavirus pandemic continues to be a dangerous threat.  Click on image for more details.



Ansty PYO & Farm Shop will continue to support you through lockdown 3!  (posted 06-01-2021)

Happy New Year!  from ‘Team at Ansty Farm Shop’. Now we are in another extended lockdown customers are advised to check out the delicious stock that is available in the shop and think about getting their orders in soon.  Locals can still make their orders online if they so wish. The shop premises are near ‘Covid-secure’ as they can possibly be. Click on the shop image to visit our website home page for the modes of shopping on offer.

Click here to find out more about what’s on offer this month.

 Local Tisbury based Community Magazine – online latest edition. (posted 04-01-2021)

Many parishioners in Ansty and local folk from the surrounding villages subscribe to the longstanding and excellent ‘Focus Magazine’.  For the moment this excellent community publication is still available online on a temporary website. The site has been set up by the Focus Magazine volunteer team in response to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19, pandemic to share locally relevant information that they would normally provide in print (and still do) for our Tisbury area community (Wiltshire, UK). They appreciate that some of their regular readers may not go online, so they rely on online readers to pick up the phone and spread the word.  Click on image for details on how to receive the latest January 2020 issue if you haven’t already received your copy. It is absolutely packed with interesting articles and things to do. There is talk of the online version being a permanent possibility – but you will have to pay for it just the same and quite right too!


The latest Ansty monthly weather statistics have been compiled for December 2020. (posted 01-01-2021)

December was a month of contrasts: cool and wet in the beginning; wet and mild mid term and cold and damp at the end  The most notable events were storm ‘Bella’ which brought us a windy night on the 27th and a hard frost on the 31st. It was also a wet month with above average rain. Click on the image to view all of the details for the last month along with the annual weather statistics.



Be ‘Flood Aware’ – No Flood Alerts flagged up yet along the River Nadder and tributaries. (28-12 2020)

December 2020 has been another wet month. This means groundwater levels are at saturation point – a sure sign of possible flooding or standing water should we get a spell of heavy rain.  Such is the very fickle nature of the potential for flooding incidents ‘flood alerts’ are often ‘here today, gone tomorrow’. It is always better to be prepared than to be taken by surprise though. When flooding does happen it is often overwhelmingly quick and can be devastating as we have seen in the recent news items. If the the Environmental Agency puts out an alert, we have a duty to inform you that an alert is in force and also when it has been removed. Currently there are no Flood Alerts in force.  

When groundwater levels remain high even modest amounts of rain can cause problems.  If the Ansty stream alongside the High Street is looking coloured with silt and mud that usually indicates that flooding in the lower Nadder valley is imminent: hence there is usually a flood alert alert in force.

If any resident is concerned please contact the Ansty Flood Warden. Meanwhile whilst very the current wet weather prevails click on the map image for current Environment Agency information and updates.

Introducing ‘Tis the Future’: Refill, Reuse, Reduce, Reimagine (posted 23-12-2020)

We all acknowledge that we need to do more to reverse climate change and halt the decline of our environment. Well here is a local based  initiative that hopes to show us the way forward that is set to become operational in the New Year. Set up by group called the Tisbury Community Benefit Society a zero-plastic, electric powered, mobile refill shop – community owned and community run – will visit local villages, including Ansty and stop for an hour.  The stopping place in Ansty will be the Maypole area.  ‘Tis the Future’ will initially be selling purely staple store cupboard ingredients such as rice, oats, flour, pasta and cereals etc.  Click on the vehicle image for all of the details.

Welcome to the latest newsletter from Cranborne AONB team. (posted 21-12-2020)

While 2020 started with a flurry of activity, seeing the fledgling LPS team and AONB Director Linda Nunn establish lots of projects and events, progress was rudely interrupted by the global pandemic leaving the remainder of the year characterised by stifled ambitions, Covid-19 secure notices and a new appreciation for all those who keep things moving during these difficult times. Hopefully sometime next year things will improve the AONB team will be back on track (literally) with lots of innovative new projects.  Click here to explore, learn, discover and  support our Cranborne Chase AONB.

The latest meeting of the Ansty Parish Council has taken place. (updated 17-12-2020)

A Meeting of Ansty Parish Council was held on Wednesday 16th December 2020 at 6 pm at St James Church. Strictly following the rules and advice from Wiltshire Council the meeting was attended by 6 or 7 villagers; indeed all who attended were suitably masked, sanitised and socially distanced. The chairman of the parish council, Mr Tim Martin, ran through a fairly lengthy agenda, approving the minutes of the last open PC meeting held in February 2020, and a truncated ‘Zoom’ PC Meeting held in May 2020,  along with the agreement of the new budget and precept for the next year. Also discussed were planning issues and brief reports concerning village business. Watch this space for the forthcoming minutes! Click on image for extra details.

Introducing MyWilts online reporting/booking  (posted 07-12-2020)

You can now easily book a variety of Wiltshire Services. You can also easily report issues in Wiltshire ranging from fly tipping, abandoned vehicles, weather emergencies, dog mess, graffiti and many more. Click on the image to find out how to access this ‘online portal’


The blight on our lanes and countryside. (posted 06-12-2020)

There can’t anything more offensive than ‘casual litter’ – plastic bottles and cans just thrown out of the car window for example which finishes up on the verge or in a hedge. But there is, and it is referred to as ‘fly tipping’. Despite our endeavours to ‘keep Ansty tidy’ the problem never goes away and it is a constant battle to clean it up.  Click on the image to find out more.

Making good use of our Parish Steward! (posted 23-11-2020) 

Wiltshire Council’s ‘Parish Steward Scheme’ had its successful origins back in the 1990s. However after a break in the late 2000s the scheme was reintroduced in 2016 where ‘parish stewards’ liaise directly with parishes to carry out local minor highways work ‘swiftly and efficiently’. Click here for more information:  The Parish Steward 

View parish steward’s latest monthly worksheet: Parish Steward Worksheet. November 24th, 2020.  

Our annual Ansty Footpath maintenance report for November 2019 – November 2020 is published. (posted 22-11-2020)

Four hard working volunteers have managed to keep our entire 6 mile footpath system  in good shape despite the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic which swept in during the late winter. The volunteers kept to the rules of the first lockdown and waited until they were eased and then practised working in groups of two, socially distancing. Click on the image to find out more!


Be prepared, folks, for the Census 2021!  (posted 11-11-2020)

As if we all haven’t had enough to think about already in 2020, here is another item to add to your list – but it is for next year!  We have a UK- wide census on March 21st 2021! Click on the image for preliminary details!


Be warned that the Ansty Down Footpath is currently dangerous to ascend and descend after wet weather. (posted 29-10-2020)

Walkers are advised that part of the steep ascent/descent of the footpath from or to the foot of Ansty Down footpath (known as ANST5) is very rutted and slippery and the advice is not to use the footpath until conditions have improved. You have been warned!



Improving ‘Broadband’ in Ansty – the next steps… (updated 27-10-2020)

As some of us know only too well, the ‘broadband service’ in Ansty varies from fantastic to frustratingly poor! The only way to improve the position for all of us in Ansty is by collective self-help.  There are schemes where government funding is available to us, but it requires us to come together as a group, each with a commitment to enter into a broadband service contract with a fibre optic connection into our houses/businesses  to take us well and truly into the 21st century!

Following on from our previous update in early October, Tim Martin, chairman of Ansty Parish Council is now able to report where we are with BT Openreach. It seems not enough Ansty villagers have so far registered an interest with Wessex Internet – an alternative provider.

Mr Martin reports that last week BT Openreach agreed to provide to us another Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) proposal. They explained that their proposals are computer generated on the basis of providing an inclusive network.  However they accepted that what had been produced was not practicable and have estimated a new proposal will take about three weeks to generate. Fingers crossed for something better!

Meanwhile it appears Wessex Internet could be starting their FTTP installations in neighbouring Swallowcliffe within a month or two.  It is thought that over 40 premises have signed up and that means the scheme will go ahead. Click here to read more background details.

Older Noticeboard items….

Wildflower meadows in Ansty? (posted 17-09-2020)

The success of the recent roadworks around Frogpond, helped immensely by the Clouds Estate who allowed access to their land in order that the drainage issues in this area could be addressed, we understand that as well as taking a keen interest in how the roadworks progressed, the estate land agent Jason Lewis informed us that his client landowner Fergus Mclaren Webster is hoping to initiate and promote the regeneration of wildflowers through changes in farming practices in the Coombe area. Mr Lewis adds that in the coming years we should see an improvement on that score as well.  Many locals are very keen on wildflowers and will be thrilled to hear this news.  Tap on the image to read more about wildflower meadows in Ansty from June 2019.

Visit The Salisbury Museum – it is now open again!.(posted 01-08-2020)

Did you know that the Salisbury Museum, located in the medieval King’s House in Salisbury’s famous Cathedral Close has a fantastic range of collections, exhibitions and events bringing to life the history of our local landscape and the people who shaped it.Tap on image link for the latest information.


Did you know? – An occasional series. Number 1: ‘How ‘Ansty’ got its name! (updated 21-06-2020)

The name ‘Ansty’ has appeared on many maps and documents, changing over time from various corruptions of the old English word ‘Anstiga’ which suggests Ansty Village was ‘founded’ during Saxon times. To find out more tap here. and search under ‘Ansty in Maps, Diagrams and Pictures’.

Check out our Community Links page for up to date information. 

Click Latest Coronavirus Information Local and National and other Community Notices from Wiltshire Council.

Other items of interest are posted below:

Do you have anything to sell or want?  Try our new page! (updated 12-10-2020)

First to use it and sell their latest meat products are our well known local smallholding specialists who love growing, rearing and making things from their land. Villagers can use this page too if you have anything to sell, want, give away, swap or help out even!  Click on image to discover more!


Local Surgery News

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus threat local surgeries have had to change add adapt their systems in order to keep the practice staff safe as well as the patients. Patients self monitoring their own conditions is one of the biggest changes and visits to surgeries are now by appointment only.  Plans are well ahead for this year’s flu vaccination but again only by strict appointment times.

For more information click and go to Tisbury Surgery News or Hindon Surgery

 Even Earlier items (2020)

Click on image to try this list of material to broaden your cultural minds in this time of social distancing. Suitable for all ages.



Wiltshire Council continues on its carbon neutral journey. (updated 23-02-2020)

In July 2019 Wiltshire Council resolved to acknowledge there is a climate emergency and seek to make the county of Wiltshire carbon neutral by 2030. Following on from this pledge they are now working hard on a number of projects to make a difference. Tap image for the details.


Woodland issues in Ansty (Jan 2020)

The relentless wet and sometimes windy weather over the last 4 months has brought more than a few problems to various locations in the parish.  The upper Coombe area has endured several incidents of flash flooding – although there was no damage to private property – and some of these issues are now being sorted out by Wiltshire Council.  Elsewhere we have had several trees or large branches falling along the south of the High Street as well as other local lanes.  All local landowners are politely requested to check the condition of their trees and hedgerows and assess their safety, particularly if they border a road or are located near a building and take the necessary remedial action if they are not.  Click here to read in depth more about our trees and woodland in Ansty.

Don’t be afraid of the dark…! (updated 25-05-2020)

You might be interested in viewing details of Stargazing Information relative to our local area by tapping: Go Stargazing

Explore Britain Now and Then!

Click here to find a few very interesting websites for you to while away your time usefully and perhaps learn something new into the bargain!


Cranborne Chase, UK, Designated as an International Dark Sky Reserve! 

Cranborne Chase has become the 14th Reserve across the globe and joins an exclusive club of International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Protected Areas to gain international recognition for our dark skies. What a stunning achievement! Tap/click on image for more information.

BBC news


Wiltshire Council named the most climate-friendly council in England and Wales.

Wiltshire has been named the most climate-friendly council in England and Wales, according to research that has assessed local authorities’ energy, transport and recycling plans. Tap/click image for details. Further reading: Wiltshire Council Climate Emergency


Visit this year’s Ansty Pictorial – 2019 so far … (posted 09-08-2019)

A dozen pictures to look at that show parts of the Ansty landscape taken with the weather in mind … Tap the image to view the set.



Wildflower meadows in Ansty. (posted 09-06-2019) 

Inspired by a debate at our local village meeting back in 2018 and a glorious summer that encouraged the appearance of many different wildflowers in some of our local field meadows we decided to have a look at the probable origins of wildflower meadows in Ansty. Tap/click on the image to discover more.



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