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New! Covid-19 UPDATE : LATEST ADVICE and other News.   (posted 26-11-2021)

Again less positive news again this week. The rate of cases per 100,000 in Wiltshire has gone from a high rate of 513 last week to 563 this week – still higher than the rate of cases per 100K in England in the last 7 days which is 441, (up on last week). The number of Covid cases reported in the county over the last 7 days stands at 2,840. The total number of cases in Wiltshire since the start of the pandemic is over 60,000 out of a total of around 500,000. Case numbers continue to be particularly high in the 5 to 14 age range, and those aged 35 to 49. Other items include: Travel Restrictions; Wear a facemask; Winter Health and Covid questions & answers; Watch out for weekend storms; 16 Days of Action; National Tree Week. Latest Roadworks.

New! South West Wiltshire ‘Our Community Matters’  (updated 26-11-2021)

Our Community Matters’ is an interactive notice board for news, events and volunteering opportunities for communities across Wiltshire. It provides people with local interactive notice boards which everyone can use to highlight and discuss local news events and ideas   Tap image to view the current ‘Our Community Matters’ main noticeboard. Tap here to view this week’s latest news, events and community information for SW Wiltshire. Items include: Black Friday deals; Care Support; Area Board Meeting.

New! Read the latest free issue of The New Blackmore Vale Magazine! (posted 26-11-2021)

The wonderful free online version of the New Blackmore Vale Magazine has all the ingredients that we have come to expect from the paper copy we used to pick up and still can! Issue 31 has 112 pages jam packed with ‘up to the minute’ great stories, news items and other interesting material.  Click on the left hand image for a great read! (Don’t forget to click on the ‘full screen’ square bottom right hand corner!). You can zoom into the pages even more if you so wish!

Check out the latest planning application details for Ansty.  (updated 26-11-2021)

The Parish Council welcomes your views when considering any new planning applications or send your comments direct via the Wiltshire Planning website or submit them to the parish clerk for discussion at the forthcoming parish council meeting.


New! Latest News from the Cranborne Chase AONB: see what’s coming up…it’s getting busy! (posted 25-11-2021)

There’s a lot happening over the next few months into the early part of the New Year so take a look at their latest newsletter ‘The Hart’ and see how you can get involved and maybe join in with some free courses, training and events for all ages. Click on image for all of the details.

New! Another date for your Christmas Diary: the Ansty Village Carol Service! (posted 23-11-2021)

The Village Christmas Carol Service is always a well attended event at St James’ Church and this year should prove to be no exception! After the unfortunate effects of the pandemic over the past two years perhaps this year’s service will have even greater significance for us all. Click on the image for the invitation to you all.


New! Christmas is coming and here is an event that might help you find that unique gift!  (posted 23-11-2021)

Artisans Robert and Jaci Baker of North Cottage Creations will be exhibiting, along with Ann Oldfield, at the Christmas Garden of Delights at Springhead, Fontmell Magna.  Fri/Sat/Sun 3,4 & 5th December. It is a fantastic collection of local crafts people and their unique wares. There will be presents to buy, all handmade by local artists… and a wonderful opportunity to buy locally sourced, sustainably made products made by people who excel at their craftwork.

Click on the image to find out more!

New! Latest Crime Updates and other Community Messages.  (posted 22-11-2021)

Click on either image to find a summary of the crimes and issues that have occurred in the Tisbury area (which includes Ansty) recently. Our area comes under the Warminster Area Community Policing Team. You can also click on to the Police Crime Map for our locality to discover the pattern of local crimes that are being committed if you are interested. The map updates do tend to lag behind somewhat!

Fraud and cyber crime are the most common criminal offences in the UK. Analysis by Action Fraud reports showed that 86% of frauds had a cyber element to them. As the threat from cyber crime continues to grow and evolve, it’s important to remember one thing – most of it can be prevented. By following just a few practical steps, you can make it harder for cyber criminals to get into your devices and online accounts by helping the Action Fraud Team determine what actions of online security they need to focus on. Click on either image to find out more.


Good village turnout makes for a lively Ansty Parish Council Meeting! (posted 15-11-2021)

The latest Ansty Parish Council Meeting was held at St James’ Church, Ansty on November 15th 2021. Chairman Tim Martin ran through a lengthy Agenda addressing various issues and the parishioners were invited to speak as the items were checked off. Nabil Najjar, our Divisional Officer (Fovant and Chalke Valley) attended and was able to field a number on questions on various issues as well as outlining broader proceedings and solutions across the Division. Click here for more details.

Christmas Emporium in the Gift Shop & Cranborne Estate Christmas trees for sale from 26th November posted 20-10-2021)

This beautiful garden centre, gift shop and café, is only half an hours drive from Ansty across some of the most stunning landscapes. Cranborne Manor Garden has now closed for the winter and will re-open on Wednesday 2nd March 2022, but the rest of the site is open and getting ready for Christmas! Did you know that Cranborne Manor Garden was used for shooting outdoor scenes of Manderley in the 2020 Netflix film of Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

Click on the image for the latest details.

News from the Cranborne Chase AONB (posted 22-10-2021)

Almost a stone’s throw south east of the A30 – including our chalk down lands sits the Chase and Chalke Landscape Partnership Area. The Chase & Chalke Landscape Partnership is a group of organisations working to protect and enhance the special landscape of Cranborne Chase and Chalke Valley, having been awarded a lot of funding from the National Lottery and our south eastern chalklands are part of this landscape.

The Partnership work in tandem with Cranborne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) as their lead partner. Click on the image to find out lots more…!

Only 2 weeks until Christmas begins at the Salisbury Playhouse! (updated 19-11-2021)

We can’t believe we are almost through our first week of rehearsals and there are only 3 weeks until we welcome you back to the Main House for our Christmas production of Snow White and the Happy Ever After Beauty Salon. Tickets are selling fast so make sure you book your tickets early for the best seats at the best prices! Click on the image for more details.

Wiltshire Life is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year after serving the county since 1946. (posted 12-11-2021)

Every issue has features on places to go, country living, wildlife and nature, the best spots for food and drink, homes, gardens, theatre and music, local history and more- truly encompassing the wonderful culture that Wiltshire offers its residents. Alongside stunning photography and topical news, Wiltshire Life has interviews with leading county figures, updates from local charities and details of social events. If you’ve just moved to the county, or lived here your entire life, why not subscribe to Wiltshire Life magazine and celebrate our glorious and lively county? Click on image to find out more.

Ultrafast Broadband in Ansty has been delayed until spring 2022   (posted 09-11-2021)

Customers who signed up to receive ultrafast broadband services from Wessex Internet look as though they will have to wait until beyond the spring of 2022 before the project moves forward. Access across land has been delayed due to wet ground conditions. Click on the image for more details.

Ansty Footpath Maintenance Report 2020-2021 published.  (posted 09-11-2021)

Once again, we can report that our entire 6-mile (9.6 km) footpath system remains in good shape, thanks to regular vegetation clearing and trimming by the Ansty Volunteer Footpath Maintenance Group (AVFMG). Volunteers Mark Norris and Rob Wilkinson generally looked after the smaller woodland and meadow footpaths, whilst Jon Gooding and Tim Martin presided over our more distant footpaths – which involved much more walking to get to the work venues. New volunteer Gray Ayrton joined us late in the season.  Click on the image for all of the details. Click here to view our parish footpath page.


Read the latest October issue of The ‘Blackmore Vale’ all digital version! (posted 05-11-2021) 

With the Blackmore Vale in Dorset on our doorstep ,the September edition of the all digital BV ‘book’ is now out! Just click on the right hand image to view this latest production. This has to be the best ever – with so much to read and digest in its 125 pages.  This format has all the hallmarks of where local and even national newspapers and magazines will eventually go. It allows for interactive activities and other links connected with articles. It also saves on paper, transport and recycling which shrinks the carbon footprint!  It is a pity that beautiful Wiltshire seems to have nothing comparable to this. You can also download the version if you want to. The Blackmore Vale Website has all the details too! Brilliant!

New Planning Application submitted by Tisbury Community Homes concerning the proposed development of the Tisbury Station Works Site. (Posted 01-11-2021)

We understand an outline planning application has been submitted to Wiltshire Council and the Tisbury Community Homes Planning Statement has already been made available. The outline planning application is for a redevelopment of approximately 1.9 hectares of the 4.1-hectare site known as Station Works, Tisbury, for a mixed development comprising 86 dwellings, a 30-40-bed care home including community medical facilities, enhanced vehicular access, and enhanced pedestrian access from the site to Tisbury village centre, and associated landscaping and open space.

Parishioners are invited to comment on these proposals (either to Ansty Parish Council or any Councillor) or direct to Wiltshire Council since the development may have an impact on Ansty, particularly with the possibility of enhanced traffic movement on Ansty High Street. Click on the planning application reference PL/2021/0977 to view the submission documents (all 47 of them) before making your comments.

Click on the image to view the Planning Statement made on behalf of Tisbury Community Homes and was released in mid October.

Click here to read earlier accounts of the Station Works Site..

The latest Ansty monthly weather statistics have been compiled for October 2021. (posted 01-11-2021)

October was a month of stark contrasts: 3 very wet sessions (two in quick succession in the latter part of October, resulting in localised flooding) interspersed with calm weather: often cloudy but with some good sunny days too. It was exceptionally humid, throughout.  The month was another very mild one with no frosts recorded but there were a couple of windy days when some trees were blown down in the parish.

Flood Alerts have been removed along the River Nadder and tributaries. (01-11 2021)

There is now no longer a threat of flooding, though standing water and debris may still remain. The forecast is for no further significant rainfall for the next few days. No further flooding to fields and roads is expected, however there may be standing water seen for several days

When groundwater levels remain high even modest amounts of rain can cause problems.  If the Ansty stream alongside the High Street is looking coloured with silt and mud that usually indicates that flooding in the lower Nadder valley is imminent: hence there is usually a flood alert alert in force.

If any resident is concerned please contact the Ansty Flood Warden – Councillor Mark Norris.  Meanwhile whilst very the current wet weather prevails click on the map image for current Environment Agency information and updates. Sometimes there can be flooding before the problems are flagged up – so ‘be ‘flood’ aware’. Click here for useful advice from Wessex Water

View the latest addition to our ‘Reading the Ansty Landscape’ series! (posted 29-10-2021)

‘Ancient Landscapes: number 4 in the series, looks briefly at the background to our long established agricultural roots in Ansty parish and how the current landscape still yields quite clearly the clues to help us imagine what the landscape might have looked like as far back as Saxon times! We look at where the ‘open field system’ was established back in Saxon times, expanded during Medieval times and lingered on well in to the 20th century! Click on the image to find out more. Click here to discover much more about how our long history has impacted on the geography and landscape of the parish.

Local Tisbury based Community Magazine – latest edition for November 2021 is out! (posted 29-10-2021)

Many parishioners in Ansty and local folk from the surrounding villages subscribe to the longstanding and excellent ‘Focus Magazine’.  The temporary site originally set up well over a year ago by the Focus Magazine volunteer team in response to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is still operating. The latest printed edition is absolutely packed with interesting articles and things to do and well worth the subscription fee.

Ansty PYO & Farm Shop latest information as Christmas approaches! (updated 29-10-2021)

By all accounts the Pumpkin Picking, trails and games at Ansty PYO this year meant a crazy, busy week for K and her team. Even the Beeb turned up! It all ends on the 31st October when K and her team will probably prefer the peace of ‘All Saints Day’ rather than the ghoulishness of Halloween!  Fantastic, K – keep it going!  Click here for some pictures!

Click here to find out more about what’s on offer for November and the run up to Christmas!. Watch out for the re-opening of the Tea Room on the 3rd November and their Christmas treats in store…

The Wiltshire Community Environmental Toolkit shows the way! (posted 24-10-2021)

The Wiltshire Community Environmental Toolkit has been developed in partnership with Natural England to allow communities to take the lead in defining and restoring biodiversity in their community. Designed for use by community groups, local landowners, Parish and Town Councils, schools and youth groups it provides a structure for how local communities can better understand what they already have in terms of biodiverse habitats as well as how to plan for developing greater biodiversity and nature-based carbon sequestration in the future.  How might this be of use to Ansty? Click on the image to find out more!

The Public Consultation on Wiltshire Council’s ‘Climate Strategy’ and the ‘Green and Blue Infrastructure Strategy’ is now closed. Keep an eye open for the next steps in this process! It matters to all of us  even in Ansty!! (updated 22-10-2021)

The joint public consultation on the Climate Strategy and the GBI has now closed but keep an eye on this page for further developments.

Everybody knows that one of the biggest emergency the whole planet is facing right now is how to tackle the ‘climate change’ crisis that is now upon us. Some of the damaging elements of it are already irreversible.  Most of us know and understand the causes but finding the solutions quickly is proving to be a formidable barrier. It is going to be costly for all of us and we are all going to be well ‘out of our comfort zone’ in the way we do things. But tackling the issues we must.

Wiltshire Council was one of the first to acknowledge that there was a climate emergency back in July 2019 and committed itself to become carbon neutral as an organisation by 2030. This was a great start and now a new draft carbon reduction strategy has been prepared and the Wiltshire public were being given an exclusive opportunity to ‘have their say’ to help shape the draft to take Wiltshire Council’s action on climate change forward for the next 5 years. Did you have your say?

Click to view: Wiltshire Council Climate Strategy Consultation page and progress so far…

Click to view the Wiltshire Draft Climate Strategy 2022-2027. It is a wordy document but rightly so since the catastrophe that is about to unfold if we don’t get this right is unimaginable – and good on Wiltshire Council for getting this underway. A number of people and organisations did respond to the questionnaires and they are now in the process of being analysed to move the whole process further forward. .

Click here to view the progress of Wiltshire Councils ‘Green and Blue Infrastructure’ (GBI). Great downloads to read for both strategies. 

A month’s rainfall in our local area leads to localised flooding  (posted 21-10-2021)

After two thoroughly rain drenching-events in the space of 36 hours between the 19th and 20th October it was inevitable that there would be some localised flooding – especially along the Sem and Nadder valleys. The many springs and streams on the valley sides poured a huge amount of water into the Nadder catchment zone in a very short time. Click on the image for our report!

Great theatre, dance and comedy for next spring at the Salisbury Playhouse.  (updated 20-10-2021)

Tickets are now on sale for Spring/Summer 2022 and Salisbury Playhouse are delighted to announce that they will stage a new production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical revue ‘A Grand Night for Singing’, celebrating the legendary music of the greatest duo in musical theatre history, with further productions to be announced in due course. Click on the image for all of ‘up and coming’ details!

Why not visit Cranborne Manor Garden Centre? posted 20-10-2021)

This beautiful garden centre, gift shop and café, is only half an hours drive from Ansty across some of the most stunning landscapes. Cranborne Manor Garden has now closed for the winter and will re-open on Wednesday 2nd March 2022, but the rest of the site is open and getting ready for Christmas! Did you know that Cranborne Manor Garden was used for shooting outdoor scenes of Manderley in the 2020 Netflix film of Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

Click on the image for details.

!When all at once I saw a crowd, A host, of golden daffodils… (posted 16-10-2021)

The UK grows more daffodil bulbs than any other country – about half the world’s total! Now, thanks to a donation from Ansty PYO’s Karren Price (left) at the recent great  ‘village get-together’ we have been at work planting a large bag full of bulbs: adding to Wordsworth’s lyrical ‘host of golden daffodils’ to brighten those early days of next spring in Ansty. Just you wait and see!  Many thanks, Karren!

Great theatre this autumn at Salisbury Playhouse.  (updated 16-10-2021)

A new play is now being presented at the Salisbury Playhouse this current week:  ‘The Lemon Table’ – A ‘darkly funny’ play starring Ian McDiamird started Thursday 14 and goes on until Saturday 23 October in the Main House at Salisbury Playhouse.  Book your tickets now: £12! Click on the logo for more details.


Time Travellers of Cranborne Chase – a brand new AR app!

‘Time Travellers of Cranborne Chase’ is an exciting new AR (augmented reality) app to help you delve into the historical secrets of the past in the Chase and Chalk landscape of Cranborne AONB. The Chase & Chalke Landscape Partnership area is full of fascinating history, and their exciting, free new AR app will guide you through some of these amazing stories and intriguing historic sites from the past. Download to your phone via the Apple App Store or Google Play! Click on the image for further information.

Village ‘Get-together’ a resounding success! (updated 27-09-2021)

On Sunday 26th September many Ansty parishioners and friends gathered together at the well-known Ansty PYO farm shop for a special Harvest Tea. The event was organised to celebrate the taking part in this year’s CPRE BKV Laurence Kitching award (we came a creditable third in the Wiltshire winner of winners in the small village category) and also to celebrate the end of the harvest season.

Click on either image to read more!

Tisbury & District Car Link Scheme  (posted 24-09-2021)

If there is one worthy voluntary organisation that might be singled out for due praise at any time then it is the local Car Link Scheme. This excellent voluntary scheme has, over the years offered a vital transport network, ferrying people (usually elderly folk without the means to travel as they once did) to hospital or doctors’ appointments, collecting prescriptions as well as offering other ‘good neighbour services’.

If you haven’t got access to transport or perhaps you no longer drive, then give LINK a call. We are here to get you there – in particular to hospitals, doctors, dentists and related appointments.  We are happy to take requests for visits to hairdressers, shops, etc. but due to current pressures we are having to prioritise the medical ones. Please click on the logo image for more information. 

The local LINK scheme is always looking for volunteer drivers: please email if you think you may be able to help.

Click here for our tribute written at the beginning of 2021 and the call for for help with the first rounds of the vaccination campaign!

Visit The Salisbury Museum! (posted 17-09-2020)

Did you know that the Salisbury Museum, located in the medieval King’s House in Salisbury’s famous Cathedral Close has a fantastic range of collections, exhibitions and events bringing to life the history of our local landscape and the people who shaped it. Tap on image for the latest information.

Keeping in touch with our Wiltshire Councillor for Fovant and Chalke Valley! (posted 16-09-2021)

When our newly elected representative, Nabil Najjar, came to visit us at our Ansty Village and Parish Council Meeting at the beginning of June and introduced himself we were assured that he would be readily accessible to all residents and would work tirelessly to support communities and their aspirations. True to his word, Nabil has sent us his second full report outlining how things are progressing within the division. Click on the image to find out more!


Book your tickets now for Autumn events at the Salisbury Playhouse! (updated 23-08-2021)

The most famous detective duo Sherlock Holmes & Dr Watson are coming to Salisbury Playhouse to unravel the mysterious death of Sir Charles Baskerville. But there is a twist to this great detective story.  Click on the logo to find out more!


Book your tickets now for the Autumn events at the Salisbury Playhouse! (updated 10-08-2021)

Following Government guidelines and a successful June/July season, they will be welcoming audiences back whilst still retaining some key measures to keep everyone safe with a selection of guaranteed socially distance performances. Click on the logo to find out more!


Local installation arouses much curiosity! (updated 07-04-2021)

A new installation that has recently appeared on what we all know as ‘Aileen’s paddock’ has certainly aroused some local curiosity. Some thought it was a kind of bird box, perhaps to attract owls. Others thought it might be a squirrels’ hideout.  A few suggested even more fanciful ideas: it was a piece of modern ‘sculpture’ or even something to ward off aliens from outer space. Most agreed that whatever it was it was extremely well made out of natural materials. But what exactly is it? Click on the image to find out more!

Ansty and Tisbury feature in the Sunday Times as great villages in which to live!  (posted 02-04-2021)

The Sunday Times highlighted our local area as a great place to live in (once again) in a supplement feature ”best places to live in Britain’. The article gave us a flavour of the Nadder Valley and focused on Tisbury and Ansty, mentioning all the the things that we all know and love (and sometimes take for granted). Click here to read more. Readers may recall a similar feature appearing in The Telegraph back in 2011 when Ansty was described as a dream place to retire to!

New Land Management Plan for Ansty Coombe Meadows! (posted 10-03-2021)

There is a plan afoot to restore pasture meadows above Ansty Coombe back to their former glory restoring and conserving the historical character of these ancient hay and wildflower meadows. This will be achieved by employing very old, tried and tested livestock grazing patterns with careful pasture maintenance to keep bracken and scrub at bay. Click on the image to learn more.

Introducing ‘Tis the Future’: Refill, Reuse, Reduce, Reimagine (updated 05-03-2021)

We all acknowledge that we need to do more to reverse climate change and halt the decline of our environment. Well here is a local based  initiative that hopes to show us the way forward that is set to become operational in the New Year. Set up by group called the Tisbury Community Benefit Society a zero-plastic, electric powered, mobile refill shop – community owned and community run – will visit local villages, including Ansty and stop for an hour.  The stopping place in Ansty will be the Maypole area.  ‘Tis the Future’ will initially be selling purely staple store cupboard ingredients such as rice, oats, flour, pasta and cereals etc.  Click on the vehicle image for all of the details and a timetable.


Wiltshire Council’s ‘Parish Steward Scheme’ had its successful origins back in the 1990s. However after a break in the late 2000s the scheme was reintroduced in 2016 where ‘parish stewards’ liaise directly with parishes to carry out local minor highways work ‘swiftly and efficiently’. Click here for more information:  The Parish Steward 

View parish steward’s latest monthly worksheet: Parish Steward Worksheet for March 2021

Wiltshire Council LOCAL PLAN: Sign up Online and have your say! (updated 14-01-2020)

Continuing Covid -19 restrictions along with Christmas and New Year holidays is probably not the best time to introduce a ‘consultation period’ but the Wiltshire Council Local Plan review consultation is an important opportunity for local people to ‘have their say’ on the future of possible areas of growth in their area before proposals are finalised in a draft Local Plan, later in 2021.

Wiltshire Council would usually hold a series of face-to-face engagement events for the Local Plan review, but are unable to do so because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, interested people are urged to ‘sign up’ for their local online event to find out more. The relevant online events for our parish and its locality will be held on 1st and 2nd February, 7-8pm. Anyone who can’t make their local online event will be able to view all the relevant documents online and complete the online consultation to have their say.

As well as potential developments, the Local Plan review consultation also takes into account the importance of climate change, and this will also form a key part of the consultation. Please click on the image for all of the details and who to contact. You can also find Wiltshire Council news on our ‘Community Links Page’. 

MyWilts online reporting/booking  (updated 22-01-2021)

You can now easily book a variety of Wiltshire Services. You can also easily report issues in Wiltshire ranging from fly tipping, abandoned vehicles, weather emergencies, dog mess, graffiti and many more. Click on the image to find out how to access this ‘online portal’

Click here to download the app for your phone.




Older Noticeboard items….

Wildflower meadows in Ansty? (posted 17-09-2020)

The success of the recent roadworks around Frogpond, helped immensely by the Clouds Estate who allowed access to their land in order that the drainage issues in this area could be addressed, we understand that as well as taking a keen interest in how the roadworks progressed, the estate land agent Jason Lewis informed us that his client landowner Fergus Mclaren Webster is hoping to initiate and promote the regeneration of wildflowers through changes in farming practices in the Coombe area. Mr Lewis adds that in the coming years we should see an improvement on that score as well.  Many locals are very keen on wildflowers and will be thrilled to hear this news.  Tap on the image to read more about wildflower meadows in Ansty from June 2019.

Check out our Community Links page for up to date information. 

Click Latest Coronavirus Information Local and National and other Community Notices from Wiltshire Council.

Other items of interest are posted below:

Do you have anything to sell or want?  Try our new page! (updated 12-10-2020)

First to use it and sell their latest meat products are our well known local smallholding specialists who love growing, rearing and making things from their land. Villagers can use this page too if you have anything to sell, want, give away, swap or help out even!  Click on image to discover more!


Local Surgery News

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus threat local surgeries have had to change add adapt their systems in order to keep the practice staff safe as well as the patients. Patients self monitoring their own conditions is one of the biggest changes and visits to surgeries are now by appointment only.  Plans are well ahead for this year’s flu vaccination but again only by strict appointment times.

For more information click and go to Tisbury Surgery News or Hindon Surgery

 Even Earlier items (2020)

Click on image to try this list of material to broaden your cultural minds in this time of social distancing. Suitable for all ages.


Wiltshire Council continues on its carbon neutral journey. (updated 23-02-2020)

In July 2019 Wiltshire Council resolved to acknowledge there is a climate emergency and seek to make the county of Wiltshire carbon neutral by 2030. Following on from this pledge they are now working hard on a number of projects to make a difference. Tap image for the details.


Woodland issues in Ansty (Jan 2020)

The relentless wet and sometimes windy weather over the last 4 months has brought more than a few problems to various locations in the parish.  The upper Coombe area has endured several incidents of flash flooding – although there was no damage to private property – and some of these issues are now being sorted out by Wiltshire Council.  Elsewhere we have had several trees or large branches falling along the south of the High Street as well as other local lanes.  All local landowners are politely requested to check the condition of their trees and hedgerows and assess their safety, particularly if they border a road or are located near a building and take the necessary remedial action if they are not.  Click here to read in depth more about our trees and woodland in Ansty.

Don’t be afraid of the dark…! (updated 25-05-2020)

You might be interested in viewing details of Stargazing Information relative to our local area by tapping: Go Stargazing


Cranborne Chase, UK, Designated as an International Dark Sky Reserve! 

Cranborne Chase has become the 14th Reserve across the globe and joins an exclusive club of International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Protected Areas to gain international recognition for our dark skies. What a stunning achievement! Tap/click on image for more information.

BBC news


Wiltshire Council named the most climate-friendly council in England and Wales.

Wiltshire has been named the most climate-friendly council in England and Wales, according to research that has assessed local authorities’ energy, transport and recycling plans. Tap/click image for details. Further reading: Wiltshire Council Climate Emergency


Visit this year’s Ansty Pictorial – 2019 so far … (posted 09-08-2019)

A dozen pictures to look at that show parts of the Ansty landscape taken with the weather in mind … Tap the image to view the set.



Wildflower meadows in Ansty. (posted 09-06-2019) 

Inspired by a debate at our local village meeting back in 2018 and a glorious summer that encouraged the appearance of many different wildflowers in some of our local field meadows we decided to have a look at the probable origins of wildflower meadows in Ansty. Tap/click on the image to discover more.



Village Events Archives

If you want to catch up with all of our village events and other items of interest (since 2017) then visit:  Archived Documents or find ‘past village events’ at the bottom of this page.



Wiltshire Council Services

Current Flood Alerts for Wiltshire

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Here are just some of the issues you can report using ‘My Wiltshire’: Highways and Street Scene issues, Environmental Enforcement, Trading Standards, Car parks, Weather emergencies, Waste, Fraud:

Report an issue

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