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New! Do you have anything to sell or want?  Try our new page! (posted 20-10-2020)

First to use it is our well known local smallholding specialists who love growing, rearing and making things from their land. Click on image to discover more!

Mixed fortunes tinge this year’s harvest yields – largely due to weather extremes. (updated 17-10-2020)

In the absence of our usual Harvest Supper due to Covid-19 restrictions we have received two ‘farming reports’ that are traditionally delivered at this great event by local Ansty farmers. Click on the image to read further!


South West Wiltshire ‘Our Community Matters’  (updated 17-10-2020)

‘Our Community Matters’ is an interactive notice board for news, events and volunteering opportunities for communities across Wiltshire. It provides people with local interactive notice boards which everyone can use to highlight and discuss local news events and ideas. Tap image to view the current ‘Our Community Matters’ main noticeboard. Tap here to view this week’s latest news, events and community information for SW Wiltshire.

Bernadette Foy. (updated 15-10-2020)

Ansty’s most senior resident, Bernadette Foy, widow of John, died peacefully at home on 21st September 2020 aged 97. Surrounded by family and friends (socially distanced, of course) Bernadette was laid to rest in the churchyard of St James’ Church, Ansty at 2pm on October 15th, 2020. Click on the image for a fuller report.



Check out the latest planning application details for Ansty.  (posted 13-10-2020)

Tap image for the latest planning application details for Ansty Parish. You may wish to comment on applications via Wiltshire Planning or contact a member of Ansty Parish Council. The Council welcomes your views when considering any application.

Wiltshire Creative Connects… (updated 09-10-2020)

Despite the rule of six restrictions caused by the current Covid-19 pandemic Wiltshire Creative (Salisbury) continues to run a packed programme and have worked very hard to keep people connected with local cultural events.  Click on logo to view more. Click here for other information – including details about Christmas events at Salisbury Playhouse.

Improving ‘Broadband’ in Ansty – the next steps… (posted 07-10-2020)

As some of us know only too well, the ‘broadband service’ in Ansty varies from fantastic to frustratingly poor! The only way to improve the position for all of us in Ansty is by collective self-help.  There are schemes where government funding is available to us, but it requires us to come together as a group, each with a commitment to enter into a broadband service contract with a fibre optic connection into our houses/businesses  to take us well and truly into the 21st century!

We have had a good response to our recent survey questionnaire from villagers indicating that a fair number of villagers were keen to see if their Broadband provision could be upgraded.

The man in charge of this project, Tim Martin, chairman of Ansty Parish Council, has sought to give villagers an update following the Ansty Broadband Feedback Survey and the subsequent contact with Wessex Internet and Openreach.  He has included some details on how things have developed over recent weeks, which helps to explain the context of the current position to all interested parties.           Click here to read more.

Ansty PYO & Farm Shop continues to offer a first class service! (posted 07-10-2020)

Although the summer saw a considerable easing of the lockdown measures the Covid-19 pandemic continued to lurk behind the scenes – although thankfully cases remained low in our local area. Latterly cases have been rising rapidly in large many areas of the UK and we were urged to to ‘stay alert’ with the ‘Hands. Face. Space.’ campaign from the government and follow the sensible rules. With that in mind, the Ansty PYO & Farm shop team are still happy to take their food orders from local folk or they are equally happy for people to communicate with them directly and ‘come and collect’.

It seems ages ago when the Ansty Maize Maze 2020 (a stunning tribute to all NHS workers) opened. Hopefully, donations were raised for the Salisbury District Hospital Stars Appeal. Click on shop image for their website details. Click here to find out more about what’s on offer currently.

An opportunity to read and subscribe to Wiltshire Life Magazine! (updated 06-10-2020)

The Wiltshire Life Magazine is a good way to keep up to date with the latest news and events about everything Wiltshire. You can subscribe to the latest print issues or subscribe to the latest digital issues.  You may recall several months ago the Wiltshire Life team kindly allowed us a free ‘one off’ copy of their magazine. The November 2020 issue is now on sale! Click on the image for details and access to the Wiltshire Life website.

New funding available for grants to help support local community projects. (posted 05-10-2020)

We are pleased to announce details of a new fund from Wessex Water giving an opportunity for those working with local groups in the community (Parish Councils, Community Groups, Faith Groups etc.) to apply for a grant to help with community projects and other initiatives.  Click here to find out more – scroll down to Wessex Water Recovery Fund.

How prevalent is Covid-19 in our local area? (Posted 04-10-2020)

For those who want to check out the current prevalence of positive Covid-19 cases in our local area, check out the link by putting in your post code.  At the moment the number of cases in our local area is very low. We can keep it that way if we stick to the rules. We all know what steps we need to take to avoid catching or spreading the infection – so just do it! You can scroll out to see other areas in Wiltshire and beyond.

NEW! Welcome to the latest newsletter from Cranborne AONB team. (posted 02-10-2020)

The Cranborne Chase AONB team are really excited to announce that the ‘Time Travellers of Cranborne Chase’ augmented reality (AR) app is now live! The free mobile phone app, available to download from the App Store or Google Play, will take you on a tour of the heart of Cranborne Chase. Click on the image for more information!   Click here to explore, learn, discover and  support our Cranborne Chase AONB.

Local Tisbury based Community Magazine remains online for the time being. (posted 01-10-2020)

Many parishioners in Ansty and local folk from the surrounding villages subscribe to the longstanding and excellent ‘Focus Magazine’.  For the moment this excellent community publication is still available online on a temporary website. The site has been set up by the Focus Magazine volunteer team in response to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19, pandemic to share locally relevant information that they would normally provide in print (and still do) for our Tisbury area community (Wiltshire, UK). They appreciate that some of their regular readers may not go online, so they rely on online readers to pick up the phone and spread the word.  Click on image for details on how to receive the latest October issue. There is talk of the online version being a permanent possibility – but you will have to pay for it just the same and quite right too!

The latest Ansty monthly weather statistics have been compiled for September. (posted 01-10-2020)

September was a rare ‘average’ month – when temperatures and rainfall were ‘typical’.  It was a sunny month but we did get two dollops of heavy rain towards the end.  The third week started off very sunny and warm but towards the end it became noticeably cold!  Click on the image to view all of the details! More about climate change to be added later.

St James’ Church, Ansty, manages to retain a sense of normality during these troubled times. (posted 28-09-2020) 

Check out our St James’ Church page for the latest news, forthcoming services in October and the timing of the rescheduled Annual Parochial Church Meeting. Click on image for the details.


Making good use of our Parish Steward! (posted 28-09-2020)  

Wiltshire Council’s ‘Parish Steward Scheme’ had its successful origins back in the 1990s. However after a break in the late 2000s the scheme was reintroduced in 2016 where ‘parish stewards’ liaise directly with parishes to carry out local minor highways work ‘swiftly and efficiently’. Click here for more information:  The Parish Steward 

View parish steward’s latest monthly worksheet: Parish Steward Worksheet. September 29th, 2020.  

Ansty Councillors take part in the Great British September Clean (11-27 September)  (posted 27-09-2020)

The High St was cleared of visible litter from the A 30 (south) to the T junction  at Ansty Water by parish councillors (socially distanced, of course) on a wet Wednesday afternoon last week.  Almost two bags of litter were collected – anything from cans and bottles to strips of carpet and  old gloves!  Usually our litter pick takes place in March with a good village turnout willing to help – but the arrival of the pandemic put paid to that!

Our Maypole Flag has been rescued! (posted 27-09-2020)

There can’t be many Ansty villagers who did not notice that our Maypole flag (the St George cross version) has managed to get itself in a bit of fix! Swirling winds had caused the flag to become caught up with the weather vane at the top of the Maypole. Last week some shining knights came to our assistance  and freed the flag from its predicament. On behalf of St George and the Maypole committee, many thanks to them all!

Wildflower meadows in Ansty? (posted 17-09-2020)

The success of the recent roadworks around Frogpond, helped immensely by the Clouds Estate who allowed access to their land in order that the drainage issues in this area could be addressed, we understand that as well as taking a keen interest in how the roadworks progressed, the estate land agent Jason Lewis informed us that his client landowner Fergus Mclaren Webster is hoping to initiate and promote the regeneration of wildflowers through changes in farming practices in the Coombe area. Mr Lewis adds that in the coming years we should see an improvement on that score as well.  Many locals are very keen on wildflowers and will be thrilled to hear this news.  Tap on the image to read more about wildflower meadows in Ansty from June 2019.

Improving ‘Broadband’ in Ansty! (updated 13-09-2020)

As some of us know only too well, the ‘broadband service’ in Ansty varies from fantastic to frustratingly poor! The only way to improve the position for all of us in Ansty is by collective self-help.  There are schemes where government funding is available to us, but it requires us to come together as a group, each with a commitment to enter into a broadband service contract with a fibre optic connection into our houses/businesses  to take us well and truly into the 21st century!  Click on the image to discover the details!

We have had a good response from villagers with many keen to see if their Broadband service can be upgraded. A list of households and businesses where upgrading is being considered is now being sent to Wessex Internet  and also BT Openreach requesting a proposal to implement Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) under the Government supported voucher scheme, writes Tim Martin, chairman of Ansty Parish Council.  Read more ….

Road works on Frogpond Bend, Ansty have been completed (updated 11-09-2020)

Long awaited road and verge works to try and alleviate persistent drainage and flash flooding problems at the Frogpond location in Ansty have been completed. Under the direction of Mr David Button (senior highway engineer, Wiltshire Council) a team of contractors working for Ringway have cleared all the old built drainage system and culverts and upgraded the infrastructure by putting in more new drains and gullys, new pipework, a new inspection chamber along with a wooden safety fence. Local residents are very appreciative of the high quality work, endorsed wholeheartedly by Ansty Parish Council. All diversion signs have now gone and traffic should be back to normal. Click on the image for all of the details!


SID has been operating on Ansty High St for 6 months! (posted 06-09-2020)

Our SID has been working well at the Maypole location. Our Speed Indicating Device (SID) has been operating on the High Street since lockdown – for a full 6 months! The arrival of the Covid pandemic meant that the SID stayed remained in its location opposite the Maypole because we were unable to move it to share with our neighbours Fovant and Swallowcliffe.   We have been able to download some of the statistics. Click on image for more information.

Urgently Recruiting Link Volunteer Drivers.  (posted 04-09-2020)

Link Schemes are voluntary groups which offer transport and ‘good neighbour’ services to local people who are in need, perhaps because they are elderly, disabled, isolated and lonely, single parents, or perhaps temporarily in need because of illness.

Due to Covid-19, the schemes have now found themselves suffering from a large number of volunteers being unable to drive because of age and or vulnerability. Our own local Tisbury Link also need new volunteer drivers.  Click on image if you feel you might be able to help out.

If we want things to stay the same, things will have to change...(posted 01-09-2020)

More local photography has been added on to the  Parish Snapshot tab on the side menu. This time a local photographer has highlighted how things have changed dramatically in Ansty in just over a decade. It is just an addition to make us ponder as we cautiously continue to regain some sense of normality from the Covid Lockdown measures. Any additions from local folk always welcomed. Click on the image and scroll to the foot of the page.

Water, Water, Everywhere! (posted 27-08-2020)

A passing line of storms dropped over an inch of rain in less than an hour over South Wiltshire. The storm left in its wake some flash flooding and debris, particularly on our country lanes. Click here to see how the hamlet of Ansty Coombe was affected.

Brand New Mentoring Service for Young People Living in South West Wiltshire from Seeds4Success  (posted 19-08-2020)

Amongst their many local projects ‘Seeds4Success’ based in Mere, are developing a wonderful mentoring service offering great benefits to young people across SW Wiltshire thanks to Jaki Farrell  and others. And not just benefiting youngsters either but mentors themselves as well as offering positive benefits to local communities too. If would like to volunteer as a mentor we are sure they would love to hear from you!  Click on the logo for further inspiring information.

Ansty Footpath (FP2) has re-opened at long last! (updated 16-08-2020)

The steep footpath that ascends the steep slope opposite the Maypole on its way to Swallowcliffe is once again open to walkers thanks to intervention by Wiltshire Council. Under the direction of Alex Howson, a senior county footpath officer, tree surgeons recently removed a large part of a stricken ash tree that had collapsed several months ago near the top of the ascent.

So, if you want an invigorating walk to and from Swallowcliffe – now is your chance!

More new bollards replace the old! (updated 16-06-2020)

Over the past few years some of the original wooden bollards have become rotten and there were one or two gaps showing.  Wiltshire Council were quite willing to replace the wooden bollards but only with plastic black and white reflector posts! Not a good look in this most beautiful historical location as even they admitted. However some of the old or missing bollards have been replaced using new locally sourced timber bollards once gain enhancing this attractive area. Click on image for more details.


Forthcoming Ansty Parish Council meeting at St James’ Church deferred. (posted 14-08-2020)

The next Parish Council Meeting was scheduled to take place on Wednesday 19th August, at St James’ Church at 6.30 pm. At the moment the Church (as an entity) has strict limits and restrictions on the use of their buildings and to this end St James’ Church as our venue means we are unable to hold an open meeting there. Consequently this scheduled meeting which was due to take place on 19th August has been deferred to the Covid-19 coronavirus restrictions. Click here for more details.

Local Tisbury based Community Magazine remains online for the time being. (posted 01-08-2020)

Many parishioners in Ansty and local folk from the surrounding villages subscribe to the longstanding and excellent ‘Focus Magazine’.  For the moment this excellent community publication is still available online on a temporary website. The site has been set up by the Focus Magazine volunteer team in response to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19, pandemic to share locally relevant information that they would normally provide in print (and still do) for our Tisbury area community (Wiltshire, UK). They appreciate that some of their regular readers may not go online, so they rely on online readers to pick up the phone and spread the word.  Click on image for details on how to receive the latest August issue. There is talk of the online version being a permanent possibility – but you will have to pay for it and quite right too!


NEW! Salisbury Cathedral is now OPEN but you must book in advance for worship and visits…(posted 01-08-2020)

To ensure everyone’s safety, they have reduced the number of people they can welcome at one time and people need to book for a visit in advance. To find out what to expect tap the image to find out more…



NEW! Visit The Salisbury Museum – it is now open again!.(posted 01-08-2020)

Did you know that the Salisbury Museum, located in the medieval King’s House in Salisbury’s famous Cathedral Close has a fantastic range of collections, exhibitions and events bringing to life the history of our local landscape and the people who shaped it.Tap on image link for the latest information.


The ‘Wiltshire Life’ Magazine Awards 2021 are now open for entries. (posted 29-07-2020)

In these still challenging times, Wiltshire Life looks to celebrate the dedication and commitment of people, organisations and charities that support our community and give us hope for the future. For this reason they are excited to announced that the Wiltshire Life Awards 2021 are now open for entries!

Sarah Patricia Clifton Gwinner (25th December 1945 – 22nd June 2020) (posted 17-07-2020)

The funeral of Sarah Gwinner, a much loved and long standing Ansty resident, took place on July 16th at St James Church where she was laid to rest beside her late husband Martin. Sadly, the current restrictions due to the Covid-19 coronavirus meant that only Sarah’s family and close friends were able to attend the ceremony in the churchyard. Many villagers were still able to pay their respects by following the hearse as Sarah’s family walked behind it down the High Street from her home to St James’ Church in Ansty. It seemed a most appropriate way of saying farewell to someone who will be sorely missed. Click on the image for a full report.

Occasional Product Packers Required In Ansty (posted 17-07-2020)

Do you have some free time on your hands and want to earn some extra money?  Local Ansty business would love to hear from you! Check this out on our Local Traders page.

First service held at St James’ Church since lockdown!  (posted 07-07-2020)

Lesley Simm (Church Warden) was pleased to report St James’ Church held its first service on Sunday July 5th since ‘lockdown’. It was all rather rushed because details and procedures had to be considered along with the inevitable risk assessment. But it did mean that the usual flock were able to attend Mattins for the first time in over 3 months. Click here for further information.

Salisbury Cathedral opens its doors for worship, family visits and exhibitions!  (posted 02-07-2020)

It is very good news that Salisbury Cathedral will be opening its doors for worship, family visits and contemporary art exhibitions on Sunday July 5th. The Wiltshire Life monthly newsletter is a good way to keep up to date with the latest news and events about everything Wiltshire. Click on the image to find out more.


The Easing of Lockdown Restrictions  (Covid-19)  (27-06-2020)

There has been an absolute deluge of information from central  government to local level concerning the easing of lockdown restrictions both for the general public, including the over 70s; folk with ‘underlying health conditions’  and to extremely vulnerable people. Trying to decipher your way through it all can be difficult. We have attempted to summarise the best information on our Covid-19 section on our ‘Community Links Page’. The latest document to be added is this one: ‘Safer and Supportive Salisbury’

Young Work Wiltshire: Employment, Education, Training, and Support  (25-06-2020)
A new service has been launched that aims to support 16 & 17 year olds who are not in education, employment or training.

Three dedicated Education, Employment Advisers will be getting alongside our young people to help them access opportunities to help them towards successful working lives. These young people may face multiple barriers preventing them from participating in EET and need a different type of support. For some young people support is provided by other Local Authority Teams, specifically the SEND service for young people with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and those working with the Youth Offending Team (YOT). Click on image for more details!

Did you know? – An occasional series. Number 1: ‘How ‘Ansty’ got its name! (updated 21-06-2020)

The name ‘Ansty’ has appeared on many maps and documents, changing over time from various corruptions of the old English word ‘Anstiga’ which suggests Ansty Village was ‘founded’ during Saxon times. To find out more tap here. and search under ‘Ansty in Maps, Diagrams and Pictures’.

Ansty Parish Council Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR) 2019-2020  (posted 20-06-2020)

Exercise of Public Rights, commencing 20 June 2020 until 5 August 2020

The Annual Governance and Accountability Return together with supporting documentation are available for inspection.

Click here to view the information.

Further remedial work taking place near Frogpond to improve drainage reveals the site of the old pond!   (updated 20-06-2020)

Starting on June 17th further works (under the jurisdiction of Wiltshire Council) took place near Frogpond to eventually upgrade the drainage system around the junction of Kings Lane and Ansty Coombe Lane. This area has been prone to flash flooding on the lane for a long time. As if to emphasise the problem the 18th saw torrential rain whilst work was in progress leading to the usual standing water (fortunately temporary) just past the junction of Kings Lane and Ansty Coombe lane! After the clearance of a bog thicket a month ago further dredging of the wetland area took place – encouraging the reincarnation of Frog Pond which had disappeared many years ago due to silting and then invading scrub which upset the drainage. We now await the Wiltshire Highways team to upgrade the outfall drainage.  Click on top image to discover more.

.Tap on this image to view the ‘new’ Frog ‘pond’ which will act as attenuation/storage as water flows through a culvert under Kings Lane.


New! Check out our Community Links page for up to date information. (updated 18-06-2020)

Down Memory lane: The Ansty Parish Boundary Walk, 2007 (posted 11-06-2020)

Thirteen years ago on Saturday June 23rd 2007, a group of Ansty villagers took part in ‘The Ansty Parish Boundary Walk’ – organised by Tony Keating (formerly of Ansty Manor) and others. The perambulation of our boundary on that day was more than a reference to the days when such walks were once common place and used to be referred to as ‘Beating the Bounds’. Click on the image to read more…


Be ‘Flood Aware’ – No Flood alerts flagged up yet along the River Nadder and tributaries. (updated OCTOBER 4 2020)

You may have noticed that we have had a lot of rain recently! We have had almost a month’s worth of rain falling in the past 5 days. This means groundwater levels are starting to rise. Such is the very fickle nature of the potential for flooding incidents ‘flood alerts’ are often ‘here today, gone tomorrow’. It is always better to be prepared than to be taken by surprise though. When flooding does happen it is often overwhelmingly quick and can be devastating. If the the Environmental Agency puts out an alert, we have a duty to inform you that an alert is in force and also when it has been removed. Currently there are no Flood Alerts in force.  

When groundwater levels remain high even modest amounts of rain can cause problems.  If the Ansty stream alongside the High Street is looking coloured with silt and mud that usually indicates that flooding in the lower Nadder valley is imminent: hence there is usually a flood alert alert in force.

If any resident is concerned please contact the Ansty Flood Warden. Meanwhile whilst very the current wet weather prevails click on the map image for current Environment Agency information and updates.



Click Latest Coronavirus Information Local and National and other Community Notices from Wiltshire Council.

Other items of interest are posted below:

Feature: Ansty in ‘lockdown’the story so far – the first six months. (posted 01-07-2020)

Recall how the coronavirus pandemic unfolded from the New Year onwards and affected billions of people world-wide. Ansty village was no exception as it went into ‘lockdown’ in mid March. No-one ever imagined how life would change so comprehensively over such a short timescale.  Click on the image to see how we coped in Ansty and the local area.  This archive document will be updated as the year progresses.

Local Surgery News,  August 2020

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus threat local surgeries have had to change add adapt their systems in order to keep the practice staff safe as well as the patients. Patients self monitoring their own conditions is one of the biggest changes and visits to surgeries are now by appointment only.  Plans are well ahead for this year’s flu vaccination but again only by strict appointment times.

For more information click and go to Tisbury Surgery News or Hindon Surgery

Details are also on pages 30 and 31 of the current edition of Focus (see below!)

Sign up to receive a weekly newsletter and keep up to date with everything going on in your local community.

 Earlier items (2020)

A ‘Virtual’ Ansty Parish Council Meeting held  this week!  (updated 28-05-2020)

Ansty Parish Council held its very first Council Meeting on Wednesday 27th May 2020 at 6.00 pm using Zoom Video Conferencing technology to discuss a shortened agenda. Using this technology was necessary because of the current coronavirus restrictions.  It was a partial success in that the Annual Governance and Accounting Regulations (AGAR) relating to the annual internal audit of the Parish Accounts was approved – but the chance to hear statements from the ‘floor’ and discuss any other business was missed due to the video streaming breaking up. The Zoom meeting was joined by two parishioners and was recorded by the Parish Clerk.

Click here for the earlier details from our parish clerk. 

Ansty celebrates May Day in ‘lockdown’!  (updated 02-05-2020)

Today we would have been celebrating ‘Ansty May’ – our village ‘Dancing round the Maypole’ tradition is steeped in history going back centuries, if not long before. Alas, in common with everywhere else – the event had to be cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic. To cheer us up and remind us of some of the more recent events click on the image.



Special commemorative plaque unveiled  (posted 01-05-2020)

Long standing Ansty resident Helen Forshaw, formerly of New Barn house died two years ago while out walking with her dog Bea in big sky country near Horwood. Helen was one of many Ansty folk who became involved in all of our parish activities over many years. Councillor Mathew Feltham who had known Helen since he was a child said ‘ Lots of Ansty villagers recognised all the hard work she had done for the parish over many years and just wanted something to remember her by: Helen gave 110% with everything she did.’ So if you go for walk over Horwood way – look out for the plaque.


Draft minutes published from the last Ansty Parish Council meeting.   (posted 29/04/2020)

It seems ages since our last Ansty Parish Council meeting, held at St James’ Church in Ansty on Monday 10th February which was attended by a small, involved and attentive group of parishioners. Since then the coronavirus crisis got in the way. Chairman Tim Martin, along with other councillors, efficiently dealt with a long agenda – updating villagers on many matters including several planning issues, financial matters and listening to residents concerns before making active decisions.  Click on image for a copy of the draft minutes  .

Anne Moorse. (posted 17-04-2020)

It was with much sadness that we recently reported the death of long-time Ansty resident Anne Morse. Anne died peacefully in hospital at 9.30 pm on March 26th.

For many years, musician and regular church-goer Anne was a much praised organist at St. James’ Church. A former music teacher, Anne was well known throughout the village and highly regarded by everyone.  She will, indeed, be sadly missed.

There will just be a brief very private service and committal around the graveside outside St James’ Church for close family only, on Friday 17th April, as no-one is allowed into the church because of the continuing coronavirus epidemic.

It is hoped that there will be a massive thanksgiving for her once we are ‘liberated’ from the ‘lockdown’ restrictions. We offer our sincere commiserations to the family.

The Ansty and the wider community at its best! (updated 07-04-2020)

It seems ages since the government announced important measures on 16th March concerning drastic ‘lock down steps’ to keep us all as safe as possible from the unprecedented coronavirus situation that is now a world pandemic. Click on the Maypole flag to read more.

Looking for something to do during these strange times of social ‘lockdown’? (posted 28-03-2020)

Click on image to try this list of material to broaden your cultural minds in this time of social distancing. Suitable for all ages.


Tree trimming has taken place in the vicinity of Frogpond Bend  (updated 27-04-2020)

Last month some overgrown trees had been reduced back to a former hedge line so as not to interfere with telephone cables along the Frogpond end of Coombe Lane. Several other storm toppled trees nearby had been dealt with too. Last week, two men working in isolation, completely cleared a former pond area of more scrub and saplings as a first step to help improve the notoriously poor drainage that has plagued this lane junction with Kings Lane for many years. Hopefully, if and when things get back to a semblance of normality Wiltshire Council are primed to effect changes to reduce flooding problems that occur here during most winters.

Ansty public footpath maintenance season continues! (posted 10-03-2020)  

The Ansty volunteer public footpath maintenance group have recently reconvened ready to tidy up all of our footpaths after the winter storms and wet weather! Hopefully this means local people and visitors alike can enjoy pleasant walking along our 6 miles of tracks through some of the most beautiful countryside imaginable this summer. Click on image to read about our second foray!


Ansty Notice Board has been refurbished and put back where it belongs! (updated 02/03/2020)

You may recall that Ansty’s ‘Physical’ notice board (left) was taken down for repair early last December (2019). Well after restoration and renovation, the familiar noticeboard is now back where it belongs! Tap image to read the full story.  It should last for a few more years now!

Wiltshire Council continues on its carbon neutral journey. (updated 23-02-2020)

In July 2019 Wiltshire Council resolved to acknowledge there is a climate emergency and seek to make the county of Wiltshire carbon neutral by 2030. Following on from this pledge they are now working hard on a number of projects to make a difference. Tap image for the details.

The CPRE ‘Best Kept Village’ in Wiltshire plaque – 2019 unveiled! (updated 09-02-2020)

Cllr. Mathew Feltham has kindly attached our winning plaque to a stone in the vicinity of the Commandery to serve as a permanent reminder of our achievement in 2019. The CPRE Standard which was also presented to us and now resides on the bank of Ansty Pond will have to be returned by the end of August, this year. Click image for more details

Thank you to all those Ansty folk who pick up litter when they see it! (posted 08/02/2020)

Ansty Parish Council is very grateful to several unsung heroes who regularly collect litter from various locations in and around our village.  These days, the problem seems to be getting worse despite our best efforts – and it seems that there will always be the need for ‘litter picking’ until everybody realises that it is just not pleasant and there really is no need to dump rubbish anywhere. Don’t forget our annual parish litter pick is scheduled for the end of March, this year.

The most  climate-friendly council in England and Wales introduces emission free electric buses!  (posted 07-02-2020)

Together with Salisbury Reds, Wiltshire Council have unveiled new electric buses for city’s park and ride services. The three brand new electric vehicles – a total investment of £1.2 million – will run from Salisbury park and ride bus services. Tap image for details. For more up-to-date news from Wiltshire Council click here:

Woodland issues in Ansty (Jan 2020)

The relentless wet and sometimes windy weather over the last 4 months has brought more than a few problems to various locations in the parish.  The upper Coombe area has endured several incidents of flash flooding – although there was no damage to private property – and some of these issues are now being sorted out by Wiltshire Council.  Elsewhere we have had several trees or large branches falling along the south of the High Street as well as other local lanes.  All local landowners are politely requested to check the condition of their trees and hedgerows and assess their safety, particularly if they border a road or are located near a building and take the necessary remedial action if they are not.  Click here to read in depth more about our trees and woodland in Ansty.

Don’t be afraid of the dark…! (updated 25-05-2020)

You might be interested in viewing details of Stargazing Information relative to our local area by tapping: Go Stargazing

Explore Britain Now and Then!

Click here to find a few very interesting websites for you to while away your time usefully and perhaps learn something new into the bargain!

Even Earlier items of interest:

Ansty’s 6 mile public footpath system remains in fine fettle!  (updated 17-11-2019)

Once again we can report that our entire 6 mile (9.6 km) footpath system remains in fine fettle, thanks to regular vegetation clearing and trimming by the Ansty Volunteer Footpath Maintenance Group (AVFMG). Click on the image for full details in the annual report.  Full statistics can be viewed here:  or click on our Parish Footpaths Tab.


Cranborne Chase, UK, now Designated as International Dark Sky Reserve!  (posted 18-10-2019)

Cranborne Chase has become the 14th Reserve across the globe and joins an exclusive club of International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Protected Areas to gain international recognition for our dark skies. What a stunning achievement! Tap/click on image for more information.

BBC news


Wiltshire Council named the most climate-friendly council in England and Wales. (posted 02-10-2019)

Wiltshire has been named the most climate-friendly council in England and Wales, according to research that has assessed local authorities’ energy, transport and recycling plans. Tap/click image for details. Further reading: Wiltshire Council Climate Emergency


Visit this year’s Ansty Pictorial – 2019 so far … (posted 09-08-2019)

A dozen pictures to look at that show parts of the Ansty landscape taken with the weather in mind … Tap the image to view the set.



Wildflower meadows in Ansty. (posted 09-06-2019) 

Inspired by a debate at our local village meeting back in 2018 and a glorious summer that encouraged the appearance of many different wildflowers in some of our local field meadows we decided to have a look at the probable origins of wildflower meadows in Ansty. Tap/click on the image to discover more.


West Wiltshire Police have suspended their Crime Map Report  (updated 18/04/2020)

Click on the image for the latest local overview and crime map statistics for Wiltshire Police, West Wiltshire. Their latest crime details have been suspended until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic.



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