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Parish Footpaths

Part of the old bridle road from Ansty to Berwick St John. Summer 2020

Walk the walk in Ansty!

The parish of Ansty has some of the most beautiful public rights of way (PROWs) in the county of Wiltshire – crossing varied landscapes including chalk and greensand hills flanked by clay coombes all connecting points of much interest. No wonder our parish area is part of Cranborne Chase & West Wiltshire Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty!  ccwwdAONB

All of our footpaths (see below) are currently fully accessible and carefully waymarked.

Photo Map – Ansty ‘Rights of Way’

Current Information 2022




A simple challenge this year: to walk as many of the 6 miles of our our parish footpaths and take in the breath-taking variation of scenery! (posted 15-05-2022)

Ansty Parish has the most varied selection of footpaths covering a whole range of landscapes within its boundaries. From the Chalk Downs, to the the greensand terraces and to the wooded coombes with their wet meadows. What  fun it is to walk any or all of them!

Our footpath maintenance crew have been out maintaining our footpaths for a few weeks now: clearing the winter debris on the one hand (and there was a lot of it due to the winter storms) whilst getting ready to clip back the massive surge of vegetation growth as the summer draws near. With the departure of Rob Wilkinson, Mark Norris has now taken over the Ansty footpath officers’ role and helping him are Tim Martin, Tom Rowley, Max Hobbs, Gray Ayton and Jon Gooding.  Without proper and consistent maintenance footpaths rapidly become impassable and these days, more than ever, it is important that they are kept free and easily accessible to as many people as want to use them. 

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