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Ansty Parish Council

members of the public are ALWAYS welcome to attend ALL COUNCIL MEETINGS

Current Ansty Parish Councillors

Tim Martin (Chairman)

Juliette Foy

Louise Gooding

Mathew Feltham

Rob Wilkinson

Sub committees

Flood monitoring: Rob Wilkinson

Please contact any of the above via:

Parish Clerk

Julie Ann Murphy


Dear Ansty Villager,

The next Parish Council Meeting was scheduled to take place on Wednesday 19th August, at St James’ Church at 6.30 pm.

At the moment the Church (as an entity) has strict limits and restrictions on the use of their buildings and to this end St James’ Church as our venue means we are unable to hold an open meeting there. Consequently this scheduled meeting which was due to take place on 19th August has been deferred due to the Covid-19 coronavirus restrictions.

Parish councillors will be in contact with each other on this date and will be updated by the chairman on current items affecting our village. If any parishioner has any issues they wish to raise with Ansty Parish Council, please make contact the clerk Julie Ann Murphy ( or make contact with any parish councillor (Ansty Parish Council)

Julie Ann Murphy.  Parish Clerk

Ansty Parish Council Annual Governance & Accountability Return 2019-2020

Dear residents, the Annual Governance and Accountability Return together with supporting documentation available for inspection can now be found in our archives.

Kind regards,

Julie Ann Murphy.  Parish Clerk

Dear Residents,

A ‘Virtual’ Ansty Parish Council Meeting was held at the end of May!  (updated 28-05-2020)

Ansty Parish Council held its very first Council Meeting on Wednesday 27th May 2020 at 6.00 pm using Zoom Video Conferencing technology to discuss a shortened agenda. Using this technology was necessary because of the current coronavirus restrictions.  It was a partial success in that the Annual Governance and Accounting Regulations (AGAR) relating to the annual internal audit of the Parish Accounts was approved – but the chance to hear statements from the ‘floor’ and discuss any other business was missed due to the video streaming breaking up. The Zoom meeting was joined by two parishioners and was recorded by the Parish Clerk.

Click here  if  you still wish to view the shortened agenda.

Kindest regards

Julie Ann Murphy.  Parish Clerk


Draft minutes published from the last Ansty Parish Council meeting.   (posted 29/04/2020)

It seems a long time has passed since our last Ansty Parish Council meeting, held at St James’ Church in Ansty on Monday 10th February which was attended by a small, involved and attentive group of parishioners. Since then the coronavirus crisis got in the way.  However, Parish Council business goes on as usual. There is even talk of communications by video link!  But before then – please Click on image for a copy of the draft minutes. These minutes will be ‘signed off’ at the next Parish Council meeting scheduled in August.

Kind regards, Julie Ann Murphy, Parish Clerk

Current Planning Applications within the Parish.

Dear Residents

This is to let you know that the parish council is being consulted by Wiltshire Council on the planning application noted below. If you have views on this application you would like the Parish Council to consider prior to them responding, then please let me have these by the date noted below.  You may as an alternative or in addition make comments directly to the Planning Department at Wiltshire Council.  These need to be received by Wiltshire Council before the end of the consultation period shown below.

Application Number: 20/08122/TCA

Location: Macey’s Cottage, Ansty

Outline of Application:  Felling a Scots Pine

Comments invited until Tues, 27th October, 2020.

Application Number: 20/07675/FUL

Location:  Quarry Farm Ansty

Outline of application: Re-profiling of ground and landscaping

Comments to Ansty Parish Council: By Sunday 11th October 2020

Comments to Wiltshire Council: By Wednesday 21st October 2020

Kind regards

Julie Ann Murphy

Parish Clerk  (updated 13-10-2020)

Ansty Planning Applications 2017 to 26-09-2020 v40

Kind regards, Julie Ann Murphy, Parish Clerk

Parish Clerk Post

We are still looking to fill the Ansty parish clerk post as our current clerk Julie Ann Murphy has decided to step down. We are a small parish council, in fact one of the smallest in our area and therefore the duties are not onerous.

If there is anybody local who might like to take on this position please contact parish council chairman Mr Tim Martin to find out more details via email:

.Click here for more information.

Julie Ann Murphy, Parish Clerk

Other Notices

Ansty Parish Council ‘Code of Conduct’.

As part of the Government’s Localism Act 2011, Ansty Parish Council (and its elected or co-opted members) are duty bound to adopt and maintain a code of conduct that is expected of members and co-opted members of the parish council when they are acting in that capacity. Click here for more details: Ansty Parish Council Code of Conduct 2018

General Privacy Notice. (Ansty Parish Council)

In common with many other organisations dealing with ‘personal data’ Ansty Parish Council has had to draw up a ‘Privacy Notice’ to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (‘the GDPR’) and other legislation relating to personal data and rights such as the Human Rights Act. After publication of GDPR in the EU Official Journal in May 2016, it came into force on May 25, 2018. Please find time to read our document and contact us if you have any questions about the Privacy Notice or the personal data we hold about you. Click here for all the details:  General Privacy Notice (Residents)

The Ansty Parish Council requires your consent! 

The Ansty Parish Council’s ‘Personal Data Consent Form’ is available to all those parishioners that want to ‘opt in’ to any of our Parish Council communications. The Parish Council uses email, phone, post and our village website to communicate with villagers about Parish Council activities and to share information relevant to Ansty Village and its events. To do this the Parish Council needs the recipient’s consent which is given by completing and returning a signed copy of our ‘Consent Form’ to our Parish Clerk.  Click here to obtain a consent form and further details:  Ansty Parish Council Consent Form

Ansty’s Local Emergency Plan has been adopted.

At the recent Ansty Parish Council meeting held on Monday 12th November, 2018 it was agreed to adopt our draft emergency plan with a flood plan annexed to it and post it on our website.  All local parishes have been required (by Wiltshire Council) to submit similar plans in an attempt to improve resilience within their communities should any widespread emergency arise.  Click here to view our parish ‘Community Emergency and Local Flood Action Plan’  Emergency Plan Documents

Ansty Parish Council adopts specified consultation procedures when considering any Planning Application.

At the Ansty Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 11th February, 2019 it was agreed to adopt a document outlining consultation procedures that Ansty Parish Council will follow when considering any application for Planning and Listed Building consent. Click here to read the details: Ansty Parish Council Planning & Listed Building Consultations.

Annual Report (2018-2019) from Wiltshire Council has been published. 

Wiltshire Council has published their annual Cabinet Reports for 2018-19.  The report considers the continuing challenge of delivering local government services caused by reductions in grant funding from central government whilst catering for ever increasing demands for those services. The report is a long read but it does show what Wiltshire Council (given the constraints) are trying to do. Click icon for the report details.


Other items:

Please click on the links below, for further details regarding recent Village and Parish Council Meetings:

Ansty Precept      2019-20

A copy of all official parish council files can also be found in the Website ArchivesArchives