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Ansty Village Parish Council

members of the public are welcome to attend ALL COUNCIL MEETINGS

Current Ansty Village Parish Councillors

and their responsibilities (2021 -2025)

Chair: Mark Norris (Footpaths, Website, Emergency Planning and Flood Warden, Parish Steward)

Louise Gooding (Planning & Development)

Heather Lockley (Website)

Tom Rowley (co-opted 11-12-2023)


Please contact any of the above via:

Parish Clerk: Tim Culver-James

 Understand how your council works!

Ansty Village Parish Council Public Notices.


Next Ansty Parish Council Meeting: 30/05/2024, 6.30pm St James’ Church, Ansty

Documents for the meeting: Agenda to be issued shortly. Ansty Parish Council Minutes 7th March 2024 DRAFT 


Kind regards

Tim Culver-James
Ansty Parish Council

Ansty Village Website

The Ansty Parish (Village) Website was set up in 2016 to record Ansty Parish Council communications (which is statutory) as well as to link in with Wiltshire Council. It was agreed then that the village website would also be a Community Website and indeed most Parish Councils have gone down this road.

Councillor Heather Lockley has kindly agreed to take on the role as our new administrator of the Ansty Village Community Website as from January 1st 2024 when Rob Wilkinson, our current website administrator steps back. Rob says he has thoroughly enjoyed looking after Ansty’s own website since 2017 and thanks all those who have contributed. He feels sure that Heather will be just the right person for the post. Watch this space!

Tim Culver-James
Ansty Parish Council (updated 28-11-2023)

Ansty Village Parish Council: Annual Governance & Accountability Returns



Exercise of Public Rights. View: Archives

Tim Culver-James
Ansty Parish Council (updated 04-09-2023)

Other Notices

Tim Culver-James
Ansty Parish Council (last updated 10-08-2023)


Dear Residents,

Land at Station Works, Station Road, Tisbury, SP3 6QU (last updated 31-08-2022)

Victory for Tisbury’s objectors to the use of the land at Station Works, Station Road, Tisbury, SP3 6QU

Not connected with Ansty Planning – but likely to affect Ansty was planning application  PL/2021/09778. This proposal has now been rejected by the planning inspector and you can read the judgement here. Click here for an update from Simon Davison, Chairman of Tisbury Parish Council.

Ansty Planning Applications 2017 to 13-11-2022 v72

The Public Consultation on Wiltshire Council’s ‘Climate Strategy’ and the ‘Green and Blue Infrastructure Strategy’ is now closed. Keep an eye open for the next steps in this process! It matters! (updated 11-2022)

Everybody knows that one of the biggest emergency the whole planet is facing right now is how to tackle the ‘climate change’ crisis that is now upon us. Some of the damaging elements of it are already irreversible.  Most of us know and understand the causes but finding the solutions quickly is proving to be a formidable barrier. It is going to be costly for all of us and we are all going to be well ‘out of our comfort zone’ in the way we do things. But tackling the issues we must.

Wiltshire Council was one of the first to acknowledge that there was a climate emergency back in July 2019 and committed itself to become carbon neutral as an organisation by 2030. This is a great start and now a new draft carbon reduction strategy has been prepared and the Wiltshire public are being given an exclusive opportunity to ‘have their say’ to help shape the draft to take Wiltshire Council’s action on climate change forward for the next 5 years.

Click to view: Wiltshire Council Climate Strategy Consultation page and progress so far…

Wiltshire Climate Strategy Delivery Plan 2022-2024

Click to view the Wiltshire Draft Climate Strategy 2022-2027. It is a wordy document but rightly so since the catastrophe that is about to unfold if we don’t get this right is unimaginable – and good on Wiltshire Council for getting this underway. Please give this some thought and ‘have your say’!

Click here to view the progress of Wiltshire Councils ‘Green and Blue Infrastructure’ (GBI). Great downloads to read!

The joint public consultation on the Climate Strategy and the GBI has now closed but keep an eye on this page for further developments. More downloads to scrutinise!

Wiltshire Council LOCAL PLAN:

Looking to the future. Latest Updates. (October 2022)

Click on the links below:

Wiltshire Council Local Plan Review

The anticipated timeline for the progression of the Local Plan Review has been summarised in the Local Plan Review and it is hoped that it will be adopted in the spring of 2023.

Other Important Parish Notices

Ansty Parish Council ‘Code of Conduct’.

As part of the Government’s Localism Act 2011, Ansty Parish Council (and its elected or co-opted members) are duty bound to adopt and maintain a code of conduct that is expected of members and co-opted members of the parish council when they are acting in that capacity. Click here for more details: Ansty Parish Council Code of Conduct 2018

Ansty Parish Council ‘Transparency Code’ – last updated 2015. 

In line with with all small parish councils, Ansty Parish Council follow the transparency code which was issued to meet the government’s desire to place more power into citizens’  hands to increase democratic accountability. Ansty Parish Council Transparency Code

General Privacy Notice. (Ansty Parish Council)

In common with many other organisations dealing with ‘personal data’ Ansty Parish Council has had to draw up a ‘Privacy Notice’ to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (‘the GDPR’) and other legislation relating to personal data and rights such as the Human Rights Act. After publication of GDPR in the EU Official Journal in May 2016, it came into force on May 25, 2018. Please find time to read our document and contact us if you have any questions about the Privacy Notice or the personal data we hold about you. Click here for all the details:  General Privacy Notice (Residents)

The Ansty Parish Council requires your consent! 

The Ansty Parish Council’s ‘Personal Data Consent Form’ is available to all those parishioners that want to ‘opt in’ to any of our Parish Council communications. The Parish Council uses email, phone, post and our village website to communicate with villagers about Parish Council activities and to share information relevant to Ansty Village and its events. To do this the Parish Council needs the recipient’s consent which is given by completing and returning a signed copy of our ‘Consent Form’ to our Parish Clerk.  Click here to obtain a consent form and further details:  Ansty Parish Council Consent Form

Ansty’s Local Emergency Plans

All local parishes have been required (by Wiltshire Council) to submit Emergency Plans in an attempt to improve resilience within their communities should any widespread emergency arise. Click here to view our parish ‘Community Emergency and Local Flood Action Plan’  Emergency Plan Documents

Ansty Parish Council has adopted specified consultation procedures when considering any Planning Application.

Ansty Parish Council has adopted a document detailing consultation procedures that Ansty Parish Council will follow when considering any application for Planning and Listed Building consent. Click here to read the details: Ansty Parish Council Planning & Listed Building Consultations.

Watercourse Owner’s Rights and Responsibilities. 

There are 13 watercourse owners in the Ansty Parish. If you own a watercourse ( river, brook, beck, stream, leat, ditch, goyle, rhyne or culvert) then you need to know and understand your rights and responsibilities that such ownership entails. The Environment Agency used to have overall responsibilities governing all watercourses but now only deal with main rivers. All other watercourses from small rivers downwards are now under the jurisdiction of Wiltshire Council.  There can strict penalties if you fail to manage things properly.  Click to view the guidance: Owning a watercourse

Current Septic Tank regulations 2022.

Almost every household in Ansty has a septic tank – many have been in use for years. A very few have been upgraded to comply with the latest regulations as drawn up by the Environment Agency. Older Septic Tanks relying on emptying to soakaways, draining into fields (often referred to as discharge to ground or direct discharge into a watercourse may not be compliant under new regulations that came into force as from 2020 as a result of Binding Agreements adopted in January 2015. Often householders are unaware of these changes until it comes to selling their house or they have been found to be polluting a watercourse. It can be a costly business getting things put right. If you refuse to upgrade it can lead to quite severe penalties and fines. If you are unsure of the status of your septic tank you need to contact an appropriate company that deals with such issues. Click here for: Help and Support Guidance regarding new Septic Tank Regulations..

MyWilts online reporting/booking.

You can now easily book a variety of Wiltshire Services. You can also easily report issues in Wiltshire ranging from fly tipping, abandoned vehicles, weather emergencies, dog mess, graffiti and many more. Click on the image to find out how to access this ‘online portal’

Click here to download the app for your phone.


Other items:

Please click on the links below, for further details regarding recent Village and Parish Council Meetings:

Ansty PC Budget and Precept 2021-2022 Ansty PC Budget and Precept 2022-2023 Draft Ansty PC Budget and Precept 2023-24

A copy of all official parish council files can also be found in the Website ArchivesArchives