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Ansty Parish Council

members of the public are welcome to attend ALL COUNCIL MEETINGS

Current Ansty Parish Councillors

and their responsibilities (2021 -2025)

Tim Martin (Finance, CATG, Traffic, SID, SWW community safety group))

Juliette Foy (Area Board, May Day)

Louise Gooding (Planning & Development)

Mark Norris (Footpaths, Website, Emergency Planning, Parish Steward)

Please contact any of the above via:

Parish Clerk

Julie Ann Murphy email:


Public Notices.

Ansty Parish Council

Annual Governance & Accountability Return 2020/2021

Exercise of Public Rights, commencing 21st June 2021 until 6 August 2021.

During this period the Annual Governance and Accountability Return is available for inspection.

Click here to view this information, which you can download and print.  

Alternatively requests for the documents, further information or clarification should be sent to the Ansty parish Clerk who can be contacted as follows:

1) by email – or

2) by post   – Ansty Parish Clerk, 2 Bridge House, Tisbury, Wiltshire. SP3 6JT

The external auditor is PKF Littlejohn, 15 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, London, E14 4HD

Kind regards

Julie Ann Murphy
Parish Clerk
Ansty Parish Council  (posted 17-06-2021)

Ansty Village and Parish meeting took place on 3rd June 2021

The Annual Ansty Parish (Village) Meeting took place on Thursday 3rd June 2021 at 6.30pm at St. James’ Church, Ansty. This Covid secure event was well attended and the temporary elected chairman (Tim Martin) welcomed our new District Councillor, Mr Nabil Najjar who outlined some of Wiltshire Council’s forthcoming priorities along with Mr Fergus McClaren Webster, landowner, who spoke about the restoration of the traditional hay meadow closes on land in Ansty Coombe. Villagers were given the opportunity to raise local issues. The minutes of the last Village meeting in May 2019 were approved after the long gap caused by the covid-19 pandemic. Click here to view the May 2019 minutes.  Click the image to view more details about the Village Meeting

After the village meeting there was a Parish Council meeting (not quite so well attended!) where the newly elected Chairman (Tim Martin) for the new cohort of councillors got down to business. Details of the discussion on the 19 point agenda will appear in due course with the draft minutes. Click on the image to view the signed minutes of the last Parish Council meeting.

Julie Ann Murphy
Parish Clerk
Ansty Parish Council

Is there anybody in Ansty interested in serving on the Ansty Parish Council?

Dear Ansty Villagers,

There was not a parish council election in Ansty on May 6th because only 4 candidates stood for election.  This means we are still one councillor short and we should be filling that space perhaps with a co-opted volunteer from the village to give us our full compliment.

It is important that our village is fully represented and villagers might like to consider whether now is the right time for them ‘do their turn’ on the Parish Council. If you are interested please contact Mr Tim Martin in the first instance.

  • Co-option is the process by which a Parish Council selects a new Councillor and it is done as an agenda item within a Parish Council meeting.
  • The Co-option Policy procedure is based on NALC Legal Briefing L15-08 – ‘Good practice for selection of candidates for co-option to local Councils’.
  • Parish Councils are permitted to exercise the power to co-opt a person on to the Council to fill a casual vacancy when the requirements to hold an election have not been met.
  • The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) recommends that Councils always give public notice of vacancies because this makes the process of co-option open and transparent and should attract more potential candidates.

Statement of persons nominated for election as a Parish Councillor for Ansty


Kind regards

Julie Ann Murphy
Parish Clerk
Ansty Parish Council

(updated 18-06-2021)

Current Planning Applications within the Parish. (Latest Planning Applications)

Dear Residents

This is to let you know that the parish council is being consulted by Wiltshire Council on the planning applications noted below. If you have views on this application you would like the Parish Council to consider prior to them responding, then please let me have these by the date noted below. You may as an alternative, or in addition, make comments directly to the Planning Department at Wiltshire Council. These need to be received by Wiltshire Council before the end of the consultation period shown below.

Application Number: PL/2021/06940
Location: New Barn Lodge, Ansty, SP3 5PX
Outline of application: Single storey extension
Comments to Ansty Parish Council: By Monday 23rd August 2021
Comments to Wiltshire Council: 02-09-2021

Application Number: PL/2021/07512
Location: New Barn Lodge, Ansty, SP3 5PX
Outline of application: Single storey extension
Comments to Ansty Parish Council: By Monday 23rd August 2021
Comments to Wiltshire Council: 02-09-2021

Application Number: PL/2021/03030
Location: The Old Fertilizer Barn, Horwood Farm, Ansty (on south side of A30)
Outline of application: Change of use of fertilizer storage barn to B1 office, B2 light industrial & B8 storage use, the intended use being a car mechanics site
Comments to Ansty Parish Council: By Monday 17th May 2021
Comments to Wiltshire Council: By Monday 24 May 2021

Still Under Consultation – decision deadline changed to 30-09-2021!

Please note that this is a new planning portal on the Wiltshire website and slightly different to the previous one.

Kind regards

Julie Ann Murphy
Parish Clerk
Ansty Parish Council  (30-07-2021)


Recent Planning Applications in Ansty

Planning App Number Address Description Comments Deadline Decision
PL/2021/06940 New Barn Lodge, Ansty, SP3 5PX Single storey extension 02-09-2021  
PL/2021/07512 New Barn Lodge, Ansty, SP3 5PX Single storey extension 02-09-2021  
PL/2021/04471 Land behind New Barn House, Ansty, Salisbury, SP3 5PX To erect an additional agricultural barn that is identical to the building already onsite. This is to allow for enterprise growth with our Agricultural business by giving further space to securely house and facilitate our machines. 10-06-2021 Refuse
PL/2021/03333  1 Horwood Farm Cottages, Ansty, SP3 5PU Proposed rear and side extensions at existing property. 02-06-2021 Approve with conditions 
PL/2021/03335 2 Horwood Farm Cottages, Ansty, SP3 5PU Proposed rear and side extensions at existing property. 28-05-2021 Approve with conditions
PL/2021/03030 Horwood Farm, Ansty, SP3 5PU Change of use from Redundant Agricultural building to a mixed use of B1, B2 and B8 24-05-2021 (30-09-2021) Still awaiting decision 

Last updated 30/07/2021

Click on the link below to view specific Archived Planning Application details for Ansty


Kind regards

Julie Ann Murphy

Parish Clerk  (updated 30-07-2021)

Ansty Planning Applications 2017 to 30-07-2021 v50

 Latest Crime Report from Wiltshire Police (updated 13-05-2021)

Last year saw a decrease of 16.5% in overall crimes reported to Wiltshire Police as a result of Covid restrictions and lockdowns. The Office of National Statistics has today (13/05) released the figures for the 12 months leading up to December 2020, which shows the Force had the lowest crime rate in the country last year. Click on the Police Logo for more information.


Wiltshire Council LOCAL PLAN:

Looking to the future. Latest Updates.   (updated 06-05-2021)

Click on the links below:

Wiltshire Council Local Plan Review

The anticipated timeline for the progression of the Local Plan Review has been summarised in the Local Plan Review and it is hoped that it will be adopted in the spring of 2023.


Parish Clerk Post

We are still looking to fill the Ansty parish clerk post as our current clerk Julie Ann Murphy has decided to step down. We are a small parish council, in fact one of the smallest in our area and therefore the duties are not onerous.

If there is anybody local who might like to take on this position please contact parish council chairman Mr Tim Martin to find out more details via email:

.Click here for more information.

Julie Ann Murphy, Parish Clerk

Other Notices

Ansty Parish Council ‘Code of Conduct’.

As part of the Government’s Localism Act 2011, Ansty Parish Council (and its elected or co-opted members) are duty bound to adopt and maintain a code of conduct that is expected of members and co-opted members of the parish council when they are acting in that capacity. Click here for more details: Ansty Parish Council Code of Conduct 2018

Ansty Parish Council ‘Transparency Code’ – last updated 2015. 

In line with with all small parish councils, Ansty Parish Council follow the transparency code which was issued to meet the government’s desire to place more power into citizens’  hands to increase democratic accountability. Ansty Parish Council Transparency Code

General Privacy Notice. (Ansty Parish Council)

In common with many other organisations dealing with ‘personal data’ Ansty Parish Council has had to draw up a ‘Privacy Notice’ to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (‘the GDPR’) and other legislation relating to personal data and rights such as the Human Rights Act. After publication of GDPR in the EU Official Journal in May 2016, it came into force on May 25, 2018. Please find time to read our document and contact us if you have any questions about the Privacy Notice or the personal data we hold about you. Click here for all the details:  General Privacy Notice (Residents)

The Ansty Parish Council requires your consent! 

The Ansty Parish Council’s ‘Personal Data Consent Form’ is available to all those parishioners that want to ‘opt in’ to any of our Parish Council communications. The Parish Council uses email, phone, post and our village website to communicate with villagers about Parish Council activities and to share information relevant to Ansty Village and its events. To do this the Parish Council needs the recipient’s consent which is given by completing and returning a signed copy of our ‘Consent Form’ to our Parish Clerk.  Click here to obtain a consent form and further details:  Ansty Parish Council Consent Form

Ansty’s Local Emergency Plan has been adopted.

At the recent Ansty Parish Council meeting held on Monday 12th November, 2018 it was agreed to adopt our draft emergency plan with a flood plan annexed to it and post it on our website.  All local parishes have been required (by Wiltshire Council) to submit similar plans in an attempt to improve resilience within their communities should any widespread emergency arise.  Click here to view our parish ‘Community Emergency and Local Flood Action Plan’  Emergency Plan Documents

Ansty Parish Council adopts specified consultation procedures when considering any Planning Application.

At the Ansty Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 11th February, 2019 it was agreed to adopt a document outlining consultation procedures that Ansty Parish Council will follow when considering any application for Planning and Listed Building consent. Click here to read the details: Ansty Parish Council Planning & Listed Building Consultations.

Other items:

Please click on the links below, for further details regarding recent Village and Parish Council Meetings:

Ansty PC Budget and Precept 2021-2022 AGAR Return 2020-21

A copy of all official parish council files can also be found in the Website ArchivesArchives