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Ansty Weather

Click on the weather station image to access current and past weather data for Ansty in 2020.  

The statistics from this local weather station are currently being uploaded to ‘Weather Underground’, a commercial world-wide weather service providing real time weather information for almost anywhere!

The data from any weather station will reflect its own topography, altitude and local environment. Figures will vary somewhat from other reporting weather stations even close by. Typically each station locality possesses its own micro-climate.  Over a year (or even longer) these variations are ironed out somewhat and a picture of the local climate emerges.


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June weather: average rainfall; above average temperatures; plenty of sunshine and humid.

Fine weather at the end of May ran on into the first week of June with some noticeable warm days, with winds mostly from a westerly or south westerly direction steered on the back of weak ridges of high pressure emanating from the Azores.  Some mornings were often cool with heavy dews – but the days warmed up quite quickly.

The 2nd week saw the Azores anticyclone steer even warmer and more humid sub-tropical maritime air with temperatures well into the 20s – peaking at 27.1 C on the 14th.

This fine weather lasted until 18th and no rain had fallen since May 25th – so officially we were in a drought situation! Indeed, many afternoons registered low humidity reading for a short time.

From the 18th the high pressure partially collapsed, and fronts migrated in pulling in much cooler air and showery rain. Shallow depressions from the south and southwest often with wave fronts brought in this cool regime. The 19th was particularly cool with a low temperature of 14.2 C.  Showery rain persisted until the 25th before it became drier with warm sunny spells.

A notable wet spell overnight on the 27th into the 28th brought in by another wave front up from the south clocked up over an inch of rainfall which brought the monthly total up to the average for the month.

It was not quite a ‘flaming June’ but it was a sunny one with 20 days of sunshine and 9 days when rain fell. It was yet another month that scored above the monthly average by 1.6 centigrade degrees to add to all the others.

There cannot be anybody out there that does not recognise that our climate is warming, and the evidence is all around us from the way all vegetation is growing faster and thicker and plant behaviour is also changing. This is already having an adverse knock-on effect with the wildlife and of course us humans – though we are all still wrestling with how we might change our lifestyle to slow down this growing climate change. We are probably past the tipping point anyway.

Will we get more of the same for July?

Ansty Weather Station – June 2021 Statistics: 

Temperatures: Average Minimum 10.2 C (Long Term Av: 9.9 C) Average Maximum 21.9 C (Long Term Average 19.5 C) Overall Mean: 16.1 C (Long Term Average 14.5 C)

Highest daily Max: 27.1 C (14th); Lowest daily Min:14.5 C (19th) Highest nightly Max 15.2 C (11th); Lowest nightly Min 4 C (23rd)

Rainfall: Monthly total: 2.35 ins (59.7 mm) LTA 2.27 ins (57.7 mm); Wettest day: 0.63 ins (16 mm) 28th; Number of days when it rained: 9

Sunshine recorded: 20 days

Night (Air) Frosts recorded:  No frosts recorded.

Average monthly atmospheric pressure: 1018mb (generally weak high-pressure conditions prevailed)

Average monthly humidity: 82.9% High humidity reflected in rampant vegetation growth!

Average monthly wind speed: 2.3 mph (3.7 km/h); Highest wind gust: 17 mph (27.4 km/h) on the 27th.  These figures would be easily doubled for exposed locations in Ansty.

 To view all the Ansty monthly weather statistics tap June 2021 for details and more besides!

If you want to visit another weather station packed with information – try this site:  Southampton Weather Station

Keep your ‘weather eye’ open.  Walk along the Downs on a warm summer’s evening day above Ansty and take a photo or two of a sunset, unusual cloud formation; even the moon and send them in!

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