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Ansty Photos & Events 2021

Ansty looked a picture in its wooded setting on this bright March morning – using a telephoto lens from the top of Ansty Down. If you look carefully you might just pick out the Ansty Maypole and its flag of St. George, which was flying on St. David’s day in 2020.

The first winter snows fell overnight on January 24th, 2021. The snow didn’t last long but these delightful scenes will!
The natural blue tinged light added to these winter wonderland pictures
Just after dawn on February 6th 2021- the waning crescent of the moon about to descend behind the treeline of Gore Copse above Ansty Coombe. The clear blue sky was a hint that much colder weather was on the way!
April in Ansty was noted for its many night time forests. The temperature fell to -3.3 C on the morning of the 15th when this picture was taken showing Ansty Pond. The other notable feature of the month was that it was exceptionally dry!