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Ansty Village Events 2020

After weeks of dismal wet weather, a couple of fine days one January weekend was more than enough to lift the spirits! This picture shows a very frosty Kings Lane on the morning of Sunday 19th January 2020
Our second picture is looking south on the same morning across frosty fields with a cool mist slowly dispersing just below Hillside, Ansty
The magnificent Ansty Pond on a still, cold and misty morning, just four days after Storm Ciara had blasted the whole of the south. 06-02-2020
More debris has blown down, this time from the wooded slopes above Ansty High Street after a second storm – Dennis – brought more high winds and rain. 16-02-2020
Ansty looked a picture in its wooded setting on this bright March morning – using a telephoto lens from the top of Ansty Down. If you look carefully you might just pick out the Ansty Maypole and its flag of St. George, which was flying on St. David’s day! 01-03-2020
Have you ever wondered where the water in our Ansty stream goes to? Well our stream joins the Swallowcliffe stream which in turn joins the R Nadder just east of Tisbury. The R Nadder flows eastwards to Wilton and is joined by the R Wylie and then flows on to Salisbury joining the River Avon between Harnham and Salisbury Cathedral. This represents a lot of water and this sometimes leads to spectacular flooding as in 2014. This is the scene in March 2020.

Shortly after this picture was taken, events changed for all of us as the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic that descended upon us changed our ‘way of life’ for the foreseeable future. Click on the image below to recall how the measures put in place by the government and its advisers (to avoid a pandemic catastrophic) curtailed all of our plans and ‘everyday life’.

How the coronavirus pandemic led to a ‘lockdown’ in Ansty.
January – June 2020: the first six months!

Keep watching this space as the Ansty Village events unfold as the year progresses! Meanwhile, you can always click on our archives at the foot of the page to remind ourselves of past events! 

Ansty Village Events – Archives: