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Ansty Village, Gallery 24


This set of photos, showing some very frosty scenes in and around Ansty was sent in by Mark Norris. After a very mild and wet first half of January we had a quite a cold snap between the 16th and the 24th January when night time temperatures dropped as low as -8 C and daytime figures hovered around 5 or 6 C. There was plenty of sunshine though!
These pictures were sent in by Karren Price of Ansty PYO. Left- shows clearly how the wooded Ansty Village (top centre) is located in a well known frost hollow. The temperature fell to -8.5 C overnight, though cloud later in the day melted most of the frost. Right- this is the track that descends from the byway on the downs which meets with Shave Lane at the foot of Ansty Down. 22-01-2023


The fine frosty weather experienced during the second half of January was repeated in two sessions in February. These fine pictures taken by RW show four stunning wintry aspects of the parish of Ansty Village. 05-02-2023


Snow fell on March 8th 2023, producing these wintery scenes in Ansty. It didn’t last long though – but for a short time the heart of the village looked perfect for late winter! These pictures were kindly sent in by Tim Martin.
These super snow pictures were sent in by Karren of PYO Farm Shop from locations on the byway on the Downs above Ansty Village. The whiteness of the snow makes these photos look monochromatic. 08-03-2023


There weren’t too many warm sunny days in April but these pleasant views were captured by TM. 20-04-2023



This wonderful garden, blessed with bright sunshine, at North Cottage was open as part of the National Open Gardens Scheme on 23rd May. Over 120 people visited raising a healthy amount of money for health and garden charities. Smallholders Robert and Jaci Baker are to be commended for their industriousness and creativity.  


June 2023 will be remembered for the prolonged sunny, dry and very warm days experienced in the first half of the month. Ansty looked at its very best when this picture postcard was assembled by RW. 14-06-2023


After a very wet July, the first half of the month of August was a little better! The Ansty countryside looked a verdant green colour when this picture postcard was assembled by RW from pictures sent in by Mark Norris. 11-08-2023



This super picture of St James’ Church and part of the Commandery was sent in by Heather Lockley in early October. Autumn colours are beginning to show!